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Swear You’d Keep Quiet if Situation Reversed January 2, 2017

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Don’t you just hate when you’re told, “Trump is our President, Election is over, Get over it – Give him a chance”?

Those that do not like President Obama, didn’t like him when he ran for office in 2007 or again in 2011. They haven’t liked him since the beginning, nor did they hide those feelings, nor did we see them say to their friends on FB or other social media, “Give him a chance, he’s our President, get over it”. Not one Republican in office gave him a CHANCE during the 8 yrs in office. Not one Republican or person that just didn’t ‘like’ Obama the man, that I know of, pushed for supporting OUR President of U.S. during his terms in office.

We ALL know that if the situation (Hillary won) had been reversed, Wikileaks vs Trump, FBI vs Trump, Democrat controlled Congress vs Trump, media reporting nothing but attacks on Trump’s emails and Russia’s Putin vs Trump…..PLUS…..if each and every national reputable polling organization and media organization (including Fox) claiming that Trump was going to win by a landslide Nov 8th…..PLUS….if Trump had won the popular vote by 3 MILLION votes ——-that each and every Trump supporter would have cried foul, demanded investigations, recounts, voting machines to be investigated, people sworn in to testify and demanded an IMMEDIATE select committee be created to investigate Russia’s hacking (act of war) our political systems. That is a given just knowing how Republicans LOVE investigations and scandals.

That’s just discussing the Election itself. Now take a look at how Trump is treating the media, refusing to talk to the People (us) in an actual press briefing – facing and answering questions. Look at who he’s hiring as his right hand people and cabinet.

Just imagine how you would feel if Hillary had won and did her press briefings on Twitter, had her daughter or even Bill in meetings with foreign leaders and deciding who would run our countries most important depts? Imagine if Hillary hired the most extreme left wingers(socialists, Christian haters) in the business – I mean EXTREME, such as Trump hiring known racists, war mongers, Muslim haters, those with close financial ties to our enemies like Russia, etc…. Imagine Hillary telling Americans not to BELIEVE our intelligence community or our generals and claiming she knew more than they did.

Now after all that, swear with hand on the Bible that you would just sit back and let her get away with it all.

Democrats Have ‘Popular Vote’ Mandate December 28, 2016

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The Democrats won the popular vote on November 8, 2016; therefore they have been given the mandate to lead our nation with their plans for our future.

The 2016 Election cycle has brought America many never before seen or heard events.  Each day we’ve been faced with another unprecedented action by the Republican Party and their new leader Pres. Elect Donald J. Trump.  It’s time for Democrats to lead.  They have the mandate from the People. (more…)

Pres Elect Trump’s Admin – Billionaires, Generals and Ties to Russia December 14, 2016

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For a complete run down of what Donald Trump as said in SUPPORT of President Putin of Russia please read the following article, gives dates and locations of each comment: http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2016/10/trump-putin-timeline

Pres. Elect Trump’s Administration so far:  Several Generals, Billionaires and Millionaires

Your typical Wall Street insiders and Military complex:


Methinks He doth protest too much December 13, 2016

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We’ve been hearing since before the election that Russia may have cyber attacked the DNC files to influence the election toward Donald Trump.  The CIA reported this weekend that Russia did indeed hack the DNC and the RNC.  Rep. Mike McCaul (R), Chairman of House of Homeland Security, admitted the RNC was hacked on CNN in Sept, he later claimed to have misspoken however.

President Barack Obama has called for an investigation into Russia’s involvement into the 2016 Election and he wants results by January 20th.  Obama’s assuming Pres. Elect Trump won’t look into the attacks by Russia because Trump called the CIA reports, “ridiculous”.  So, to have it on record Obama’s having it investigated now.

Senators were briefed in Sept on Russian meddling but Majority Leader McConnell said he had doubts about intelligence and he would push back against efforts to go public.  We know why now.  His wife has been given a cabinet position in the Trump administration.  (more…)

Control Trump: STOP REPEATING TWEETS (LIES) November 29, 2016

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If the media wants to control Donald Trump they simply MUST STOP REPEATING what the man says on Twitter and other social media.

Each time he tweets, only his FOLLOWERS will see those tweets. However, if the Media (Msnbc, Fox, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC) all REPEAT that tweet, then they are giving the man MILLIONS more viewers and listeners to his rants and lies.

Stop reacting to his tweets. FORCE HIM TO COME TO YOU!

If he wants to get his message out, force him to ask for a Press Conference. Force him to go face to face with Americans to state his feelings and thoughts.

Let Americans SEE his facial expressions when he claims things like there were millions of fraud voters this last election. Or that he would have won popular vote if he had campaigned in other states, or that he won in a landslide, etc…

Force the man to ASK for your attention. The media are handing him the ability to influence the American people’s opinions by spreading FALSE information.

You played into his hands during the campaign by doing this, now you are doing it again. STOP REPEATING HIS TWEETS!

You are the ones that have been trained to decide what is news and what is not – NOT DONALD J. TRUMP!

Hillary Owes Her Voters to Watch over Recount- Trump LIES AGAIN November 28, 2016

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Trump’s Media supporters like Joe Scarborough are complaining about the recount, claiming double standard by liberal media. They claim Hillary said it would destroy our Democracy if you don’t accept results of election. They point out video of Trump saying he’d accept it but leaves open the option to contest if questions are seen. They say she is destroying our Democracy now.

They ignored his first comments saying he would NOT accept during that one debate (which is comment Hillary was referring to in her video they show you), and the one where he said, he’d accept only if HE WON.

They also ignore the fact of Trump repeating daily that the election process was RIGGED. He even repeated such an accusation (LIE) without prrof about California and Virginia’s RESULTS because he’s upset over the recount being done in Wisconsin. Media should be all over him for saying such a thing about our voting system being President Elect.

Hillary Clinton REFUSED to ask for a recount even after being told by computer specialist that there might be a problem with results – keep that in mind when you attack her for it. It was the GREEN PARTY that asked for and paid for the recount.

It is Hillary’s duty as a candidate that won over 2.25 million votes more than the winner did, to those VOTERS, to keep watch over the results of such a recount. Trump has that option as well.

Lastly, keep in mind that we know for a FACT that Russia invaded our computer systems, cyber attacked into the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s emails. We know for a fact they did so to HURT Hillary’s campaign.

What would stop them from also invading our electronic voting systems as well – to make sure she wouldn’t win on Nov 8th?

We as a NATION would DEMAND that our voting systems were NOT hacked into and that they are SAFE and BELIEVABLE.

Six of Seven Blue Wall States Controlled by Republican Govs + Russia? November 22, 2016

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Six of seven so called blue wall States had been controlled by Republican governors.  Each of those States voters were reportedly upset with the way the economy and the direction of the nation.  Voters in those States had lost factory jobs, steel jobs and coal jobs.  Can somebody please explain to me why it was President Obama or even the Democratic Party’s fault that those States were having issues beyond those in most other States?  Could their problems possibly have been because they’ve been under the control of Republican Governors?  Are they not responsible for their own State affairs?

Six of seven blue wall States had Republican controlled Secretary of Elections in charge of the voting systems.  Donald Trump spent his whole campaign accusing the voting systems of being rigged.  Every national and state poll said that Hillary Clinton would be the winner on Nov. 8th.  Suddenly however, on Nov. 8th, she is losing, even in those 7 blue wall States she needed to win the Electoral College count.

Out of the popular vote, Hillary so far has won nearly 2 million more votes than Donald Trump.  Does it not seem ODD to anybody that even though every poll, every media outlet and even all the experts saying Hillary would win that Trump instead wins, and wins BIG TIME Electoral College wise?

I will accept that it sounds plausible to see him maybe get a close tie with her in those States and beat her but to win by thousands of votes in normally Democrat States?

We now have proof according to our intelligence officials that Russia’s Putin has spent millions working with Wikileaks and by doing cyber attacks has been able to control media attacks against Hillary’s campaign.  Why is it not possible that he was also able to control our voting machines and any electronic voting counts?

Why are Americans willing to just accept that everything was done legally during this past election cycle?  Why are we not demanding audits be done at every State level?  Why are we not demanding that a special prosecutor be brought in to investigate any and all communications between the Trump campaign, those 6 State Governors and their election boards?  Why no special investigation on Trump and his communications with Russia?

Wake up America — Even Trump supporters should be concerned, after all, it could be their guy/gal next time around.

Media: Bring Trump Back Begging November 22, 2016

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Just imagine for a minute folks what it would be like if the media and all social media were to suddenly stop discussing Donald J. Trump and instead were to start discussing actual news and stories of interest by millions.
Imagine waking up to hear about a full day at least about our wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and across the globe. Imagines hearing to horrifying but true stories of people getting hurt or killed. Imagine hearing about what is happening to those that have been bombed out of their homes.
Imagine waking up to hearing for a full day about our infrastructure and how things could be different if we just invested more today. Imagine being shown how borrowing and spending money to improve our homes and transportation today will in the long run make our homes more valuable down the road. Imagine being shown how fixing our communications, transportation, water, electric grids today will in the long run bring us a booming economy later.


Media to Avoid November 22, 2016

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I will be judging what these reporters have to say pertaining to anything President Elect Trump or the future President Trump.  These reporters were either seen visiting Mr. Trump at his tower or have been reported to be advising Mr. Trump.  The meetings were to be hush hush.  They are in BED with the Trump camp.  Do NOT trust them.  I’m sure there are many more since Trump himself reported to have ‘bought’ his way around Washington for many years.  But these are for sure his puppets….ignore them.  If you hear of any others please add them to the list and report them.  It’s the ONLY way to rid the media of paid off reporters.

Joe Scarborough of MSNBC and Morning Joe

Chuck Todd of MSNBC and MTP

Wolf Blitzer of CNN

Jeff Zucker of CNN

Debra Turness of NBC

Phil Griffin of NBC

Gayle] King

Lester Holt

Norah O’Donnell

Charlie Rose,

Erin Burnett.

George Stephanopoulos of ABC

Democrats: Let Medicare be Privatized? November 19, 2016

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Perhaps Democrats should fight, slightly, against Trump’s push to ‘modernize’ Medicare but in the end allow it to pass.  Why would I suggest such a thing?  What was the main thing that President and the Democrats passed within a few months of being in office that angered millions, the ACA (Obamacare).

Millions resented President Obama and Democrats for ‘making’ them buy health insurance when they didn’t feel they needed any.  Millions more resented the idea of their tax dollars paying to assist the poor to buy insurance.  Almost all of resented what ACA demanded insurance companies’ cover which in their minds caused everybody’s insurance premiums to increase.  Everybody resented the government and insurance companies having any say in how their doctor treats them.  Last and maybe more important than all of the above, they resented giving insurance companies even more business and more profits.

To this day while being interviewed as to why they voted for Donald Trump and Republicans, several stated they felt Mr. Trump would repeal and replace Obamacare. (more…)

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