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Remember the Obama Recovery Stimulus Bill? March 28, 2017

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Remember what Republicans said about former President Obama’s Recovery Act while it was being negotiated and voted on in 2009-2010?

Representative Eric Cantor of Virginia, the second-ranking House Republican, called the Democratic package “a spending bill beyond anyone’s imagination.”

Rep. Wamp said. “They’re (the Democrats) going to slam dunk this, and we’re going to go into debt. We’re going to vote ‘no.’”

Rep. Ron Paul, Texas Republican, warned that Mr. Obama’s plan to stimulate the economy will cause inflation and lead to a depression.

“This is a huge pork-barrel spending bill that is not going to help the economy,” Mr. Ensign said of the proposed stimulus legislation.

Many said it would only create temporary jobs, remember?

Guess who plans on writing up another “Stimulus Package”?  The Republican Party and President Trump.  What happen to their claims that such packages do no work?  Now all of a sudden they realize that Obama’s stimulus bill worked.  It saved us from going into a great depression.

They plan on creating thousands of jobs by giving corporations huge tax cuts.  They are talking about cutting their rates from 35% down to only 15%, that’s a 20% tax CUT for them.  And of course they also plan on cutting taxes mostly for the top 1% of our wealthiest folks.

They are also cutting regulations so companies can save even more money while polluting and put our workers and nation in danger.

They also plan on increasing the Import taxes which means the cost of goods will increase for all American consumers.

Oh, and now they are all for passing an infrastructure bill, something the Democrats have been pushing them to vote for for years now but they refused to even vote on.

Tax cuts will indeed give some relief but only temporary – just long enough to keep our nation going through 2020 so Trump can claim success.

Sadly, our debt will not go down as they normally claim must be our number one priority.  Like their new attitude on the way a President should act has trickled down to their new opinions on the debt.


A Few Facts Not Being Told By Republicans March 20, 2017

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Think it’s time for a few facts to be told.  Pres. Trump lied about former Pres. Obama, House and Senate Intelligence committees and FBI say they see no proof of wiretapping of the Trump Towers.

The Republican’s new health care bill, Trumpcare, has been scored by Congress Budget Off.  It will make 28 million people lose their health care coverage over time.  Premiums will rise for next couple of years but go down later.  The reason premiums will eventually go down is many of the sick and older folks will drop their plans because they can no longer pay the premiums.  For example, the premium for a 64-year old, after subsidies, would jump from $1,700 a year to $14,600 a year.  Those 40 or older will also pay more for their premiums. Yes, 21 year olds pay will pay less.  However, most already pay less because ACA allows them to stay on their parent’s plans.

7 million employees will lose their health care coverage if ACA is repealed.  Nearly 14 million people currently on Medicaid will lose that coverage next year.  Those people are the poor, physically and mentally handicap Americans.  Many of which voted for President Trump because he promised better and more health care coverage that will cost even less; if you doubt this fact just google his interviews. (more…)

Prove It is President Trump Doing the Tweeting February 6, 2017

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It’s time for the media to make a decision.  Will they treat President Donald J. Trump’s Twitter Account as ‘news’ or will they treat it as social communications?  It cannot and should not be treated as both because most are related to the United States domestic and foreign actions.  Those actions include the president’s Executive Orders, his press briefings, emergency announcements and even possible declarations of war.

If the President wants his tweets to be treated as his administration’s official executive actions then those tweets should be witnessed by random members of the media, including those tweets written during the middle of the night.  The President’s own words last year give cause for this requirement.

During a campaign debate last year, when then presidential candidate, Donald Trump, was asked about cyber-attacks in the U.S., and who’s behind them, he said the following, “It could be somebody sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds…”.  The President is right, for all Americans know it could be a complete stranger who has hacked into the President’s Twitter account that is writing his tweets.  It could even be Steve Bannon, Kellyanne Conway or some administrative staffer sending out these tweets using the President’s account.  There is no way of knowing.  (more…)

Special Comm Such as 9/11 Comm Needed Immediately January 25, 2017

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President Trump claims 3-5 Million voter fraud during Election, wants probe.

CIA proof of Russia Influence on Election

FBI Director Interferes with Election with new false Email scandal

Senate Intelligence Investigating Trump campaign ties with Russia

Three members connection to Russia President Putin – Pay for play?

Wikileaks leaking information before election day.

Every reputable polling company had Hillary Clinton winning.

Every reputable news organization had Hillary Clinton winning.

Three, historically Democratic States, suddenly switched and gave Donald Trump their Electoral votes to put him over the total needed to win.

Nearly 3 million more people voted for Hillary Clinton then Donald Trump.

FBI investigating phone calls made by Trump adviser General Flynn the same day Pres Obama sanctioned Russia for invading our Election process

President Trump nominates ‘friend’ of Russia’s President Putin who is also Exxon’s famous CEO

President Trump ‘thinking’ about lifting sanctions on Russia and if he does, Russia will be able to sell the thousands of barrels of oil waiting to be released because of sanctions holding them – Pay for play?

President Trump working with Russia’s president about Syria – Pay for play?



Time for Term Limits, Civic Duty is Lacking in our Nation. January 23, 2017

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It’s time for Term Limits for all legislators.  Americans that can vote are either refusing to do so because they don’t think their votes count or they simply just don’t care to take the time to get ‘involved’.  The people that do vote pretty much just repeat vote, vote for the name they recognize.  Because of that, we have legislators that have been in office for 30-40 years getting nothing accomplished or causing constant gridlock.
If a legislator knows they only have 8-12 years (2 years each for Representative (4 elections) and 6 years each Senator (2 elections)) to serve, they will likely work harder to get things done. I think it would be appropriate if they were to run again at a later date and after their initial terms are up; but only after being in public sector for at least 5-10 years to get a reminder of what it’s like in the real world.
Perhaps they also need to be graded or have an evaluation done ever so often like at any job. Not sure how they could be evaluated, perhaps by days worked, votes missed, number of bills sponsored or written. Why shouldn’t they be, almost every job I’ve ever worked at I got a yearly evaluation. I know State employees are evaluated, legislators should be too.  The evaluation should be publicized as well.


Republicans Repealing Obamacare (Affordable Care Act(ACA) NOW January 14, 2017

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Republicans continue down with stated goal to KILL Obamacare (ACA Affordable Care Act). YES, Obamacare = Affordable Care Act (ACA). If you you think you only have ACA, you are in LALA LAND.
It was reported today that during the years 2010-2014 premiums increased 30%. HOWEVER, the past 2 years premiums have increased by only 20%. That’s because young people are now being forced to either buy insurance or pay a bigger fine.
Think about it folks. How does Medicare work? It’s paid for by employees – EVERYBODY, and when you are old enough you finally get some of it paid back as part of your health insurance. We all had to pay into it all our lives. It was forced on us but thank God because millions would be dying sooner today without it. That’s exactly how Obamacare (ACA affordable care act) would have worked only it covers everybody, young, old, sick, healthy.
However – Republicans decided they didn’t like taxing the wealthy or medical supply companies (their donors) so they promised to Repeal the Act. So this is what you are getting now:
If you have a pre-existing condition like breast cancer you soon will have NO health insurance because Ins Companies will no longer be required to give you reasonable coverage.
If you have an accident, heart attack, break a leg and run up a bill of thousands of dollars – too bad – Republicans have made it possible for Insurance companies to LIMIT how much they have to pay and there is no longer a LIFE TIME amount they have to cover. They can cut you off at any amt they wish to.
If you use birth control – forget it, it’s no longer going to be covered.
If you have your child on your plan that is under 26 years of age – tell your kid he/she is on their own for their own health insurance.
If you use any sort of Medicaid assistance – unless you are completely broke, say goodbye to that help.


Repeal of Mandates Flips to a Tax Increase Instead January 8, 2017

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The Truth Finally Appears.

Apparently it will require a TAX INCREASE to replace ACA (Obamacare).

When the Republicans Repeal the mandates of ACA, that money must be recovered somehow to help Insurance companies get by while covering those things most Americans like (Having your child 26 or younger on your plan and covering pre-existing conditions).

Former Senator Rick Santorum (very conservative Republican) admitted it today. He also says that the more conservative reps and senators want to replace ACA at the same time they repeal it because if they wait to replace it down the road, it would mean having to vote for a TAX INCREASE just before Election Time.

He didn’t say this but in no way do they want to do that, so it must be done NOW so that VOTERS will FORGET who raised taxes by the time 2018 rolls around.

So, even though that mandate requiring you to pay a fine if you don’t have insurance will just end up being a TAX INCREASE. Only advantage is, it will be taken from your paycheck before you even see your check whereas the mandate required you to save up for the fine at tax reporting time.

I bet your Trumpers are just ecstatic to hear this huh?

“Voting Machines Not Touched” – Maybe They Should Be? January 8, 2017

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It appears that Pres Elect Trump is very concerned that voters will begin to wonder if Russia didn’t do more than just dig into DNC emails to help Trump get elected by harming Hillary Clinton’s campaign. He’s so worried that he feels the need to LIE to Americans about what the report that our Intelligence community released yesterday actually said.
He’s not even in office yet and he’s LYING to US already. Just imagine what we’ll be lied to about in the next 4 years.
One Does Protest Too Much Don’t Ya Think? Not one person mentioned the possibility of voting machines being hacked or fixed yet the first thing Trump brings up is – voting machines not touched? Does he have a guilty conscience or what?
Most Americans should begin to wonder what exactly did Trump know and WHEN did he know it?


Time for Media War? January 3, 2017

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You may have heard or read over the weekend about a Twitter war between Joe Scarborough of Morning Joe MSNBC and Sopan Deb, a CBS reporter, who claimed Joe “partied” all night with President Elect Trump at his Mar-A-Lago New Year’s eve gathering in Florida.  Joe claims he was only with Trump for about 20 minutes for an off the record interview.  You can pretty much tell that Joe was pissed off by his ‘several’ remarks.

I’m not sure what Joe and Mika or any reporter expects.  It’s a well known fact that they are long time friends with the now President Elect Donald J. Trump.  They are also known for not liking or respecting the Clinton family. One can pretty much assume they were invited to the Party, and not just going for an interview, otherwise he would not have tweeted the following:  Joe tweets:

“6. I hope we get the interview.”

Swear You’d Keep Quiet if Situation Reversed January 2, 2017

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Don’t you just hate when you’re told, “Trump is our President, Election is over, Get over it – Give him a chance”?

Those that do not like President Obama, didn’t like him when he ran for office in 2007 or again in 2011. They haven’t liked him since the beginning, nor did they hide those feelings, nor did we see them say to their friends on FB or other social media, “Give him a chance, he’s our President, get over it”. Not one Republican in office gave him a CHANCE during the 8 yrs in office. Not one Republican or person that just didn’t ‘like’ Obama the man, that I know of, pushed for supporting OUR President of U.S. during his terms in office.

We ALL know that if the situation (Hillary won) had been reversed, Wikileaks vs Trump, FBI vs Trump, Democrat controlled Congress vs Trump, media reporting nothing but attacks on Trump’s emails and Russia’s Putin vs Trump…..PLUS…..if each and every national reputable polling organization and media organization (including Fox) claiming that Trump was going to win by a landslide Nov 8th…..PLUS….if Trump had won the popular vote by 3 MILLION votes ——-that each and every Trump supporter would have cried foul, demanded investigations, recounts, voting machines to be investigated, people sworn in to testify and demanded an IMMEDIATE select committee be created to investigate Russia’s hacking (act of war) our political systems. That is a given just knowing how Republicans LOVE investigations and scandals.

That’s just discussing the Election itself. Now take a look at how Trump is treating the media, refusing to talk to the People (us) in an actual press briefing – facing and answering questions. Look at who he’s hiring as his right hand people and cabinet.

Just imagine how you would feel if Hillary had won and did her press briefings on Twitter, had her daughter or even Bill in meetings with foreign leaders and deciding who would run our countries most important depts? Imagine if Hillary hired the most extreme left wingers(socialists, Christian haters) in the business – I mean EXTREME, such as Trump hiring known racists, war mongers, Muslim haters, those with close financial ties to our enemies like Russia, etc…. Imagine Hillary telling Americans not to BELIEVE our intelligence community or our generals and claiming she knew more than they did.

Now after all that, swear with hand on the Bible that you would just sit back and let her get away with it all.

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