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Imagine Life Without Electricity July 25, 2018

Posted by Coonsey in Uncategorized.

I continue to push for the idea of Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure for Future Generations especially on days like today when we are warned by our Intelligence folks that Russia did so back in 2017 and has even more capability now.  Homeland Security just reported that Russia tried to penetrate our energy power grids and left hacking tracks to show us they could have shut us down but didn’t.  Imagine waking up to no electricity, air, heat, water, trains, airlines, money and no jobs to go to because nothing works.

When I say rebuild I don’t just mean roads and bridges, I mean all transportation systems (air, roads, trains, buses, bridges, ships, etc…).  I include all our power grids, our water and food systems, our health care, voting and cyber security systems, etc.…

Perhaps instead of spending billions on more military equipment we should instead spend money on our infrastructure.  Instead of giving the top 1% of the wealthy a huge tax cut we should do even more infrastructure spending.

Just look at Russia and China, they’ve apparently come to realize that using the Internet is the best way to attack a nation instead of using the old fashion bombs.  Go after the nation’s electric grids which will put the brakes on voting systems, their government, Wall Street, American’s money, their water and food too.

Think about it folks.  Without our infrastructure (electric grids, ships, airplanes) our Military is up a creek without a paddle unless you want to go back to smoke signals.

Besides gaining the benefit of better security for us all, we gain new jobs for today and the future which will end up paying that new debt off.

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