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What Have They Done? July 22, 2018

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Exactly what has the Republican Party leadership done for Americans for the past 18 months?  They’ve cut funding for education, environment, cybersecurity department, the federal funding for those that need help paying for health insurance.  They are currently trying to stop forcing insurance companies to pay for pre-existing conditions.

The Republican Leadership, Majority leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker Ryan have refused to fix DACA or work on a valid immigration bill.  They are currently trying to get a vote on the President’s latest Supreme Court justice nominee.  His nominee is on record for thinking that Special Prosecutors, like Mueller who is investigating the Russia attack on our Democracy, are unconstitutional.

This same leadership promised to have an infrastructure bill to help create jobs, where is that bill?  They also said they would give us a much better and cheaper health insurance plan to replace the ACA .   Where is that plan?  It’s been reported that insurance premiums will be going up a great deal in August and September.   Perhaps the Republican Leadership is too busy trying to attack our Intelligence department, FBI and CIA to protect the President?  Or perhaps they have been busy defending the President’s standing by our Enemies North Korea and Russia, rather than with the U.S. and our allies.

Wait a minute.  I forgot.  They did do a few things.  They’ve past that massive tax cut for the top 1%.  The rest of us will lose that minor cut we got in a couple of years.  Oh, and by the way, experts are saying the tax cut didn’t do what it was meant to do.  They hoped that companies would reinvest, create more jobs or give wage increases.  It didn’t happen.  They just kept if for themselves as usual.  Now interest rates are going up again.

They also refused to even meet with Pres. Obama’s choice for the Supreme Court justice because he still had 7 months in office.  They wanted the “people” to decide that November.  This President has nominated and appointed one judge and is about to do another.  The Democrat Party says, the vote should wait till after the election, 3 months away.  They said, “Let the people decide”.  The Republican Leadership refuses to follow their own made up rule by waiting to see who will be in charge of Congress after November.

Lastly, they’ve enriched themselves while destroying the lives of others.

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