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Are Women Going Overboard, Aren’t We Partially to Blame? November 18, 2017

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Sitting back and watching all the latest news about men in Hollywood and government sexually assaulting women at some point in their lives. I doubt there are many women that have never been treated in such a way that they felt disgusted or angry about it later by their boss, co-worker, boyfriends or even some stranger on the street. I’m wondering if we women are partially to blame for those actions?
Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean that it’s ok for a man to abuse us if we dress improperly or even act a little too sexy on a date or whatever. I mean, men for generations have been allowed to treat a woman as their property, their toy thing, as somebody that doesn’t deserve to be respected. They’ve watched their dads and buddies treat women in terrible ways and women just giggled or tried to act like it didn’t bother them. To this day women will flirt with their boss hoping to get a raise or better job. Some are willing to be treated as sex slaves.
There are still wives that are willing to let their husbands rule them, boss them around and even rape them thinking that’s what God expects of a woman. She is there to serve man.

It’s only because a few women over the years have refused to accept those acts by men and stood up for themselves that women today are finally feeling ‘safe’ to speak out. Those women in our history are heroes because they were shunned, fired from their jobs, possibly beaten or raped for their defiance. Sadly however, even their best friends turned a blind eye when asked if they’ve ever seen their friend be abused.
Aren’t we women partially to blame for allowing men to feel powerful over us? For decades we said nothing, in some cases we continue to do nothing. Shouldn’t we at least admit that what men have been ‘taught’ over the years by submissive or fearful women is not all their fault? Is punishment the only answer? Or should it be education starting at grade school level. Teach men and women to treat each other with respect, and to respect yourself. Nobody is somebody’s property to use and abuse, not even a wife or husband.
Another question that comes to mind with all the latest allegations. Are we women going overboard now? Are we destroying the lives of men, and women for that matter, over mistakes or errors from decades ago or even just 5 years ago? Have we never made mistakes ourselves, some of which we’d never admit to public? Should no mistake be forgiven? What is the better solution to these past acts? How can we make it known that they have done wrong but give them a chance to prove they’ve changed or will? Don’t most of us learn our mistakes after being caught and we would never ever do those things again?
How can we separate the worse of crimes from simple errors in judgement? Compare accusations made toward Roy Moore of Alabama to Senator Franken. Moore went after many young women, including children. Franken apparently thought it would be funny to force kiss and take pictures of pretending to grope his accuser. Should these two cases be treated different? In my opinion Moore should be in prison and Franken will forever have this incident on his record, he’s hurt politically and probably won’t ever win another term in office even after the years he’s put in trying to help women with equal rights, etc…To me that’s punishment alone. Having the senate ethics comm investigate something he did before being a Senator isn’t right even though he asked for it to happen. Now, if other women add to his list of abuse then my opinion may change. Comments? Am I way off? Just so you know. I’ve been mistreated by men over the years and rarely spoke up, so I’m guilty as well.
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