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Democrat Wins Not Just About Trump November 9, 2017

Posted by Coonsey in Uncategorized.
I sincerely hope Democrats realize their wins in Virginia, New Jersey and New York yesterday is not just about voter’s disgust with President Trump. Keep in mind that Trump wouldn’t be where he’s at if not for the Republican Party’s support during the campaign and that same support he continues to receive on a daily basis from them now.
It’s been the Republican Party that’s pushed to take away health care from millions of people refusing to even sit down with Democrats to try and fix the ACA problems. To this day they hope to include a repeal into the tax reform bill.
It’s been the Republican Party that’s pushed to build a wall and separate us from the world. It’s been the Republicans that have allowed the President to commit unethical acts since taking office. It’s been the Republican Party that’s refused to really dig into how Russia invaded our Democracy and if anybody in the Trump campaign helped. We’ve seen 3 indictments so far yet they continue to call this “fake news”.
It’s the Republican Party that’s refused to stop the President from firing the FBI director and interfering with the justice department, clearly trying to obstruct justice even now.
It’s been the Republican Party that’s not bothered, except for 2 or 3, to stop the President from attacking our CIA, FBI and justice departments, members of their own Party, gold star families, military families, our allies, etc… They’ve actually supported in many ways the President’s actions.
It’s been the Republican Party that’s stood back and allowed the mentally ill to buy assault rifles that are being used to kill babies.
To this day Republicans sit back and watched the President try and profit from his golf center during a speech to the South Koreans –that’s against the Emoluments law. The Founders’ idea here to prevent foreign powers using gifts or money to corrupt the President’s loyalty to the U.S. That wasn’t the only time he’s done this.
So Democrats, don’t think this is all just about President Trump because it’s not. Don’t think it’s about their support for Democratic Party platform either. Voters are fed up with the President’s actions but they are angry at the Republican Party even more because of the way they’ve been refusing to listen to their employer, the American people and instead have been hurting them with their policies and support for this President – plain and simple.
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