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Say NO to Republican’s Tax Cuts for the Wealthy November 3, 2017

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Smiling, laughing, shaking hands, hugging and bragging about giving away $1200 in tax breaks to “middle class families” is Trump’s normal public relations act, he also used it during his, “You’re Fired” tv show. Say it LOUDLY, say it PROUDLY, say it with PRIDE, say it with EXCITEMENT in your voice, say it as though it were a THOUSANDS of dollars give away. Make it sound like everybody’s getting a HUGE tax cut.

Walk into a crowd of people laughing, hugging, giggling and having fun and you will suddenly feel like joining them. Walk into a crowd that is having a boring conversation and you will become depressed. It’s a PR stunt folks, don’t swallow it.
I’m sure there are millions of poor or those on the bottom edge of the middle class that when they hear this think THEY will get that pay check in the mail. Don’t be fooled folks. That’s for a family of 4 and breaks down to about $100 a month or a little over $3 a day. Depending on where you live that’s the cost of a loaf of bread.

Now compare that the to MILLIONS that the President or his family members will receive with this tax cut. Compare it to what each Congressman or Senator will get in a tax cut. That $1200 to the lower end of the line is like offering $10 to the wealthiest among us.
Did you note they want to remove the Estate tax? That’s what families pay when their wealthy family member dies, they pay taxes on the inheritance they receive. That’s where most of the tax cuts are going. Guess how many people qualified to have to pay that tax last year? 80-Eighty people folks. Our deficit is going up by nearly 2 trillion dollars to save 80 people from paying taxes on income that WASN’T theirs to begin with, it was the dead family member’s money. It’s not a double taxing as the GOP want to call it.
Did you also note that large corporations like GE, Well’s Fargo will only have to pay the 20% bracket, small business companies however will have to pay the 25% tax bracket. That’s not right. It’s the large corporations that’s gotten billions in profits over the past 20 years, not the small business.
As for supposedly raising your WAGES — that’s a HOPE folks. GOP are HOPING that those large companies will give you a RAISE with the money they will save from paying less in taxes. The problem with that theory is, they’ve got billions to give away right now and have had it for decades — yet wages continue to stay LOW. Giving them more money just allows them to give their share holders more money….not their Employees.
Call your Congressman/woman and Senator and demand they vote NO on this bill. If our deficit is to increase it should be for tax relief to small business and the Middle Class…..or use the money to Rebuild America’s Infrastructure for future generations –which in my view will improve the economy by creating more jobs and raising wages along with securing our nations infrastructure for everyone.
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