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Democrats Should Go Bigger, Demand More August 6, 2017

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President Trump and the Republican Party still have yet to pass any major legislation.  They have to pass health care repeal and replace, tax reform, tax cuts, build the wall or get an infrastructure bill passed.

The media is pressing the Democrats to come up with a slogan and/or strategy to take on the Republicans in 2018 election cycle.  I happen to believe the best strategy is to “Go Bigger, Demand More”.

What is it that irritates President Trump more than the Russian scandal?  He hates being out done, out smarted or out bid.

Imagine what he will do when ever he and his Party put together a bill that request a certain amount of tax reform and/or tax cuts and the Democrats immediate announce they want even more reform and more tax cuts but not for the top 2% of earners but for the middle class and businesses?

Imagine how the President would react if he and his Party ask for a specific dollar amount for infrastructure funding and the Democrats immediately announce they want even more money to be rebuild all our infrastructure systems including energy, transportation, communications, food and water and education systems costing millions more but creating thousands more jobs and a more secure nation?

Imagine how he would react if his Party once again announced another likely failed repeal and replace health care bill and the Democrats along with a select amount of Republicans announce an even better bipartisan bill?

President Donald J. Trump would go ballistic!  I’m betting he would counter offer on all those items!

And when the President produced his counter offers the Democrats would up the anti and increase their demands.

I’m guessing that the President would keep punching the Democrats because he’d want to claim that ‘he’ did more for the people then Democrats did.  He hates being outbid!  And because of his refusal to compromise he’d blow the whole deal, either nothing would get passed or Democrats would win because they’d be on record as having tried their best to get more middle class and business tax cuts, more training and more jobs all the while rebuilding ALL of our infrastructure systems for future generations and securing our nation as a whole.

Democrats slogan:

Rebuild America’s Infrastructure for Future Generations

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