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‘Rebuild America’ for Future Generations! July 1, 2017

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The media are asking Democrats what their message is to voters — here is my answer, it’s the same answer I’ve been pushing for years now.  I can only pray that somebody will finally take my suggestion and run with it:

‘Rebuild America’ for Future Generations!

Democrats need to concentrate on a plan that completely rebuilds America’s infrastructure.  Our message should be —-Rebuild our water, communication, health, transportation and electric grid systems.  Rebuild everything that will put our nation back to where we were decades ago.  Make the plan something similar to the WPA and the New Deal by FDR.

Rebuilding our infrastructure will not only create thousands of jobs, lower the unemployment it will require teaching our younger generation the skills they will need to build and maintain those new systems.  This plan will give our economy and our people the boost of confidence we’ve needed for a long time to lead the world once again.

President Trump implied that he would do something like this but it appears that his plan will only help the big companies make more money.  We need jobs for our local construction companies, etc…  Every State, district and county needs to visualize that dream.

Rebuilding our infrastructure, completely, will upgrade our security systems to where they need to be immediately.

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