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What TrumpCare Will Really Do for Americans May 6, 2017

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Well, the Republicans in the House of Representatives passed their repeal and replace TrumpCare plan.  Now the Senate can either accept that bill as the House wrote it or make a complete new one or they could simply fix the ACA (ObamaCare) which in my view is the simple way of solving the problems.

The TrumpCare plan will make millions lose their health insurance because they cannot afford the new premiums.  The Republicans decided to switch the cost of premiums from equal share between all citizens (healthy and sick) to the sick and poor only.  Anybody with a pre-existing health condition could end up paying nearly $25,700 per year more than they do now.  That’s just an estimate; the Congressional Budget Office hasn’t yet scored the House bill.  There will be millions of dollars in cuts to Medicaid and Medicare patients.

Would you like to know what is considered a pre-existing condition?  Here are just a few conditions, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, lung disease, anxiety, depression, Alzheimer’s, cerebral palsy, CHF, heart disease, crohns, kidney disease, hepatitis, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, stroke and even pregnancy even expectant parent(men).  A few others that insurance companies may add to the list are, acne, heart burn, hysterectomy, asthma, kidney stones, high cholesterol, knee surgery, lyme disease, ulcers, pacemakers, migraines, acid reflux, etc… 

Don’t take my word for it, ask AARP, Kaiser Family Foundation, Avalere Research, America’s Essential Hospitals, National Physicians Alliance, American Medical Assoc., etc., they are all against this bill.

The Center for American Progress says they could charge those with metastatic cancer as much as $142,650 more, a 3,500% increase.

Republicans will have you believe that they provide “access” to health insurance and that there are tax credits for those that need help.  That’s true but what they offer will not even begin to help.

The very wealthy, insurance companies, medical device companies and the young and/or healthy Americans are only ones to benefit.  The wealthy will get millions in tax cuts and those that don’t approve of being mandated to buy insurance.

For more details of the Republican’s TrumpCare plan please go online and read all about it.  Get your facts from the organizations I mentioned and not from “Republican fake news commercials”.  Call your Senator and demand they stop this bill and fix ACA instead.  Nearly 70% of Americans approve of ACA, fix it, don’t break it.




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