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Remember the Obama Recovery Stimulus Bill? March 28, 2017

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Remember what Republicans said about former President Obama’s Recovery Act while it was being negotiated and voted on in 2009-2010?

Representative Eric Cantor of Virginia, the second-ranking House Republican, called the Democratic package “a spending bill beyond anyone’s imagination.”

Rep. Wamp said. “They’re (the Democrats) going to slam dunk this, and we’re going to go into debt. We’re going to vote ‘no.’”

Rep. Ron Paul, Texas Republican, warned that Mr. Obama’s plan to stimulate the economy will cause inflation and lead to a depression.

“This is a huge pork-barrel spending bill that is not going to help the economy,” Mr. Ensign said of the proposed stimulus legislation.

Many said it would only create temporary jobs, remember?

Guess who plans on writing up another “Stimulus Package”?  The Republican Party and President Trump.  What happen to their claims that such packages do no work?  Now all of a sudden they realize that Obama’s stimulus bill worked.  It saved us from going into a great depression.

They plan on creating thousands of jobs by giving corporations huge tax cuts.  They are talking about cutting their rates from 35% down to only 15%, that’s a 20% tax CUT for them.  And of course they also plan on cutting taxes mostly for the top 1% of our wealthiest folks.

They are also cutting regulations so companies can save even more money while polluting and put our workers and nation in danger.

They also plan on increasing the Import taxes which means the cost of goods will increase for all American consumers.

Oh, and now they are all for passing an infrastructure bill, something the Democrats have been pushing them to vote for for years now but they refused to even vote on.

Tax cuts will indeed give some relief but only temporary – just long enough to keep our nation going through 2020 so Trump can claim success.

Sadly, our debt will not go down as they normally claim must be our number one priority.  Like their new attitude on the way a President should act has trickled down to their new opinions on the debt.

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