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A Few Facts Not Being Told By Republicans March 20, 2017

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Think it’s time for a few facts to be told.  Pres. Trump lied about former Pres. Obama, House and Senate Intelligence committees and FBI say they see no proof of wiretapping of the Trump Towers.

The Republican’s new health care bill, Trumpcare, has been scored by Congress Budget Off.  It will make 28 million people lose their health care coverage over time.  Premiums will rise for next couple of years but go down later.  The reason premiums will eventually go down is many of the sick and older folks will drop their plans because they can no longer pay the premiums.  For example, the premium for a 64-year old, after subsidies, would jump from $1,700 a year to $14,600 a year.  Those 40 or older will also pay more for their premiums. Yes, 21 year olds pay will pay less.  However, most already pay less because ACA allows them to stay on their parent’s plans.

7 million employees will lose their health care coverage if ACA is repealed.  Nearly 14 million people currently on Medicaid will lose that coverage next year.  Those people are the poor, physically and mentally handicap Americans.  Many of which voted for President Trump because he promised better and more health care coverage that will cost even less; if you doubt this fact just google his interviews.

Obamacare forced mandates for younger healthier folks to help pay for the sick and old.  When Republicans repeal that mandate, their claim that ACA will “Implode” will indeed happen because those young people being asked to buy their own health insurance will no longer be buying insurance.  Why should they, in their minds they think they’ll be healthy forever and never need insurance.  When asked, “What if you have an accident or get seriously ill, what will you do?”   “I’ll just go to ER”.  Problem with that plan is; it’s the reason we needed to fix health care insurance to begin with.  Those of us who had insurance coverage had to pay higher premiums to cover the cost of those without insurance.  A repeal of the ACA even with AHCA will bring this problem back.

The Congressional Budget report also states that Obamacare is NOT imploding.  The mandate will cause enough demand for insurance by people with low health care costs for the market to be stable.

Fix ACA don’t break it, don’t allow millions to lose their healthcare.


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