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Prove It is President Trump Doing the Tweeting February 6, 2017

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It’s time for the media to make a decision.  Will they treat President Donald J. Trump’s Twitter Account as ‘news’ or will they treat it as social communications?  It cannot and should not be treated as both because most are related to the United States domestic and foreign actions.  Those actions include the president’s Executive Orders, his press briefings, emergency announcements and even possible declarations of war.

If the President wants his tweets to be treated as his administration’s official executive actions then those tweets should be witnessed by random members of the media, including those tweets written during the middle of the night.  The President’s own words last year give cause for this requirement.

During a campaign debate last year, when then presidential candidate, Donald Trump, was asked about cyber-attacks in the U.S., and who’s behind them, he said the following, “It could be somebody sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds…”.  The President is right, for all Americans know it could be a complete stranger who has hacked into the President’s Twitter account that is writing his tweets.  It could even be Steve Bannon, Kellyanne Conway or some administrative staffer sending out these tweets using the President’s account.  There is no way of knowing. 

Another reason for questioning who is sending tweets under the guise of being @realDonaldTrump or @Potus is the actual wording of the tweets themselves.  Some writing experts agree that some of the President’s tweets appear to be written by an intelligent, well-educated person, and some are written in the manner the President actually speaks (like a 6 grader according to experts), which makes one wonder who actually wrote the tweet.

Because the President wants to Tweet our nation’s official announcements, the media and the American public should demand proof that it is indeed Donald J. Trump writing and sending the tweets, each and every one of them.  The only way to provide proof of this is to have a random member of the media to be present whenever the President tweets, no matter what time of day it is.

We currently have what is called a press pool, random members of the media organizations that travel everywhere the President goes.  We should now include at least two randomly chosen members of that press pool that have the exclusive job of being in the same room when the President sends out any and all tweets.

If the President thinks his comment is important enough to get up at 4am to send, then Americans deserve proof that the tweet did indeed come from the President’s own thoughts and not some staffer hired to send out tweets once in a while or some bored fat person in bed that hacked the President’s twitter account.

Twitter is a social media outlet; it is not an official White House news website.  Those in the media need to decide whether they will respond to the president’s tweets as official “Breaking News” articles or simply social media (campaign ads).  The President’s tweets are either historical official written documents or they are simply comments made to rally his supporters.  If they are simple comments then media needs to ignore them.   If they are to be handled as official documents than the media should demand proof the tweet was written by the President and the media should not allow his staff to later claim, “That’s not what he ‘meant’, what he meant was…”.

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