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Time for Term Limits, Civic Duty is Lacking in our Nation. January 23, 2017

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It’s time for Term Limits for all legislators.  Americans that can vote are either refusing to do so because they don’t think their votes count or they simply just don’t care to take the time to get ‘involved’.  The people that do vote pretty much just repeat vote, vote for the name they recognize.  Because of that, we have legislators that have been in office for 30-40 years getting nothing accomplished or causing constant gridlock.
If a legislator knows they only have 8-12 years (2 years each for Representative (4 elections) and 6 years each Senator (2 elections)) to serve, they will likely work harder to get things done. I think it would be appropriate if they were to run again at a later date and after their initial terms are up; but only after being in public sector for at least 5-10 years to get a reminder of what it’s like in the real world.
Perhaps they also need to be graded or have an evaluation done ever so often like at any job. Not sure how they could be evaluated, perhaps by days worked, votes missed, number of bills sponsored or written. Why shouldn’t they be, almost every job I’ve ever worked at I got a yearly evaluation. I know State employees are evaluated, legislators should be too.  The evaluation should be publicized as well.

Some might say that the election is an evaluation in itself. That is true, however, perhaps a mid term evaluation would give them warning they may lose at the next election if they don’t start producing results.
Perhaps their pension/health care coverage after their service could also be limited to a certain amount of years or percentage.  Why should they get a pension or health insurance for a life time after only serving a few years? Republican governors across this nation are now trying to limit how many years a State worker gets free health care, or the amount of cost of living raises they get, forcing retirees to take cuts in the amount of pension promised or forcing them to pay a portion of their health insurance they were contracted to get if they worked for the State a certain amount of years.  Any rule that pertains to State employees should be passed on to any legislator as well.  Perhaps they’ll think twice before voting for cuts in pay, pension or health care coverage if they know those cuts will include their own income.  Raises should definitely be based on what they give their State workers/retirees as well. Whatever they demand of a State employee should be a requirement for their own jobs.
I realize that it’s a sacrifice for anyone to run for office these days both in personal and income wise; but if you want to serve your State or country for patriotic reasons, just as any volunteer for the military service, you must accept the bad with the good.  I do not include State workers in this category.  Working for the State is just like any other job.  You aren’t working for a political reason or Party, you are working for an income.
Legislators need an incentive to do well. If they know they will have the job for life (which is pretty much like it is today), why would they worry about losing it for doing nothing or for doing something to tick off their voters?
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