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Republicans Repealing Obamacare (Affordable Care Act(ACA) NOW January 14, 2017

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Republicans continue down with stated goal to KILL Obamacare (ACA Affordable Care Act). YES, Obamacare = Affordable Care Act (ACA). If you you think you only have ACA, you are in LALA LAND.
It was reported today that during the years 2010-2014 premiums increased 30%. HOWEVER, the past 2 years premiums have increased by only 20%. That’s because young people are now being forced to either buy insurance or pay a bigger fine.
Think about it folks. How does Medicare work? It’s paid for by employees – EVERYBODY, and when you are old enough you finally get some of it paid back as part of your health insurance. We all had to pay into it all our lives. It was forced on us but thank God because millions would be dying sooner today without it. That’s exactly how Obamacare (ACA affordable care act) would have worked only it covers everybody, young, old, sick, healthy.
However – Republicans decided they didn’t like taxing the wealthy or medical supply companies (their donors) so they promised to Repeal the Act. So this is what you are getting now:
If you have a pre-existing condition like breast cancer you soon will have NO health insurance because Ins Companies will no longer be required to give you reasonable coverage.
If you have an accident, heart attack, break a leg and run up a bill of thousands of dollars – too bad – Republicans have made it possible for Insurance companies to LIMIT how much they have to pay and there is no longer a LIFE TIME amount they have to cover. They can cut you off at any amt they wish to.
If you use birth control – forget it, it’s no longer going to be covered.
If you have your child on your plan that is under 26 years of age – tell your kid he/she is on their own for their own health insurance.
If you use any sort of Medicaid assistance – unless you are completely broke, say goodbye to that help.


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