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Repeal of Mandates Flips to a Tax Increase Instead January 8, 2017

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The Truth Finally Appears.

Apparently it will require a TAX INCREASE to replace ACA (Obamacare).

When the Republicans Repeal the mandates of ACA, that money must be recovered somehow to help Insurance companies get by while covering those things most Americans like (Having your child 26 or younger on your plan and covering pre-existing conditions).

Former Senator Rick Santorum (very conservative Republican) admitted it today. He also says that the more conservative reps and senators want to replace ACA at the same time they repeal it because if they wait to replace it down the road, it would mean having to vote for a TAX INCREASE just before Election Time.

He didn’t say this but in no way do they want to do that, so it must be done NOW so that VOTERS will FORGET who raised taxes by the time 2018 rolls around.

So, even though that mandate requiring you to pay a fine if you don’t have insurance will just end up being a TAX INCREASE. Only advantage is, it will be taken from your paycheck before you even see your check whereas the mandate required you to save up for the fine at tax reporting time.

I bet your Trumpers are just ecstatic to hear this huh?


“Voting Machines Not Touched” – Maybe They Should Be? January 8, 2017

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It appears that Pres Elect Trump is very concerned that voters will begin to wonder if Russia didn’t do more than just dig into DNC emails to help Trump get elected by harming Hillary Clinton’s campaign. He’s so worried that he feels the need to LIE to Americans about what the report that our Intelligence community released yesterday actually said.
He’s not even in office yet and he’s LYING to US already. Just imagine what we’ll be lied to about in the next 4 years.
One Does Protest Too Much Don’t Ya Think? Not one person mentioned the possibility of voting machines being hacked or fixed yet the first thing Trump brings up is – voting machines not touched? Does he have a guilty conscience or what?
Most Americans should begin to wonder what exactly did Trump know and WHEN did he know it?


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