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Time for Media War? January 3, 2017

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You may have heard or read over the weekend about a Twitter war between Joe Scarborough of Morning Joe MSNBC and Sopan Deb, a CBS reporter, who claimed Joe “partied” all night with President Elect Trump at his Mar-A-Lago New Year’s eve gathering in Florida.  Joe claims he was only with Trump for about 20 minutes for an off the record interview.  You can pretty much tell that Joe was pissed off by his ‘several’ remarks.

I’m not sure what Joe and Mika or any reporter expects.  It’s a well known fact that they are long time friends with the now President Elect Donald J. Trump.  They are also known for not liking or respecting the Clinton family. One can pretty much assume they were invited to the Party, and not just going for an interview, otherwise he would not have tweeted the following:  Joe tweets:

“6. I hope we get the interview.”

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