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Swear You’d Keep Quiet if Situation Reversed January 2, 2017

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Don’t you just hate when you’re told, “Trump is our President, Election is over, Get over it – Give him a chance”?

Those that do not like President Obama, didn’t like him when he ran for office in 2007 or again in 2011. They haven’t liked him since the beginning, nor did they hide those feelings, nor did we see them say to their friends on FB or other social media, “Give him a chance, he’s our President, get over it”. Not one Republican in office gave him a CHANCE during the 8 yrs in office. Not one Republican or person that just didn’t ‘like’ Obama the man, that I know of, pushed for supporting OUR President of U.S. during his terms in office.

We ALL know that if the situation (Hillary won) had been reversed, Wikileaks vs Trump, FBI vs Trump, Democrat controlled Congress vs Trump, media reporting nothing but attacks on Trump’s emails and Russia’s Putin vs Trump…..PLUS…..if each and every national reputable polling organization and media organization (including Fox) claiming that Trump was going to win by a landslide Nov 8th…..PLUS….if Trump had won the popular vote by 3 MILLION votes ——-that each and every Trump supporter would have cried foul, demanded investigations, recounts, voting machines to be investigated, people sworn in to testify and demanded an IMMEDIATE select committee be created to investigate Russia’s hacking (act of war) our political systems. That is a given just knowing how Republicans LOVE investigations and scandals.

That’s just discussing the Election itself. Now take a look at how Trump is treating the media, refusing to talk to the People (us) in an actual press briefing – facing and answering questions. Look at who he’s hiring as his right hand people and cabinet.

Just imagine how you would feel if Hillary had won and did her press briefings on Twitter, had her daughter or even Bill in meetings with foreign leaders and deciding who would run our countries most important depts? Imagine if Hillary hired the most extreme left wingers(socialists, Christian haters) in the business – I mean EXTREME, such as Trump hiring known racists, war mongers, Muslim haters, those with close financial ties to our enemies like Russia, etc…. Imagine Hillary telling Americans not to BELIEVE our intelligence community or our generals and claiming she knew more than they did.

Now after all that, swear with hand on the Bible that you would just sit back and let her get away with it all.

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