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Democrats Have ‘Popular Vote’ Mandate December 28, 2016

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The Democrats won the popular vote on November 8, 2016; therefore they have been given the mandate to lead our nation with their plans for our future.

The 2016 Election cycle has brought America many never before seen or heard events.  Each day we’ve been faced with another unprecedented action by the Republican Party and their new leader Pres. Elect Donald J. Trump.  It’s time for Democrats to lead.  They have the mandate from the People.

We’ve seen rude and obnoxious comments toward his own Party members coming from Mr. Trump during the Republican primary.  We’ve heard nothing but Birther attacks from Mr. Trump for the past 5 years or more toward President Barack Obama.  We’ve seen voters ignore their own moral values to vote for a man that’s had zero experience in government, that’s included his children in foreign and domestic meetings, that’s refused to release his tax returns, that’s forced New Yorkers to spend millions and risk lives to protect him and his family because they want to be ‘comfortable’, that’s bought his way to power, caused thousands to lose their jobs, cheated investors and hired companies, that’s done most of his own business by hiring foreign workers, that’s been found guilty of doing things illegal, used his own foundation donor’s money to pay for personal items and was caught red handed admitting to committing sexual assault having at least eleven women admit that he sexually abused them.  We’ve seen this man lie almost on a daily basis, he’s degraded a Gold Star mother and a POW and he claimed to know more than our generals.  He refuses to attend daily intelligence briefings and refuses to hold press conferences and instead uses 140 characters daily to announce his domestic and foreign policy to the American people.

It’s time for Democrats to begin their own unprecedented actions.  Instead of sitting around waiting for whatever the Republicans and their new leader will bring to the table, they should announce ‘immediately’ and ‘loudly’ their own plans.

Starting immediately the Democratic Party should plan their first 100 day strategy to hand over to Congress in 2017.  They were the ones given a 3 million voter mandate, not the GOP.  Democrats have a duty to stand up for ‘all’ Americans.

Democrats should immediately come up with a bigger and more productive infrastructure bill; one that will provide thousands of new jobs.  The bill should include money to re-educate those that have lost their jobs to the loss of manufacturing jobs.

Democrats should immediately come up with a complete ACA (ObamaCare) reform package which includes negotiating for drug prices.

Democrats should immediately come up with their own tax cuts and reform package, giving the middle class and small business the most benefits and forcing corporations to pay more.

Democrats need to immediately work on a new minimum wage increase.

Democrats should immediately come up with their own immigration plan and environment plans.

Democrats should come up with their own law enforcement reform plans.

The Democrats should set up divisions in their Party that will handle each of the above plans and each of those groups will select people that will go to the media to repeat, repeat and repeat again what Democrats TRIED to get passed during the Obama administration but the GOP refused to even put on the floor for a vote (they should have actual bill numbers if possible and number of attempts to get a vote). They should then report what Democrats will be handing Congress in 2017 (their infrastructure, ACA or Tax reform, immig or environ plans).  Those sponsors should not just appear once or twice on television/radio but continually for the next 2 years.

The one plan that Democrats seem to agree with Pres. Elect Trump on is the infrastructure bill.  This is because they’ve pushed to get one past for the past 6 years but the GOP have refused to even discuss one.  This fact should also be told to Americans and repeated over and over again.  Democrats should brag about themselves for being the ones to help convince Mr. Trump that we need one.  They should brag about being the ones that had a package before the 2016 election.  They should point out that they are excited that they’ve finally convince the President (Trump) and GOP this is the way to create jobs.

The Party should not give up – Repeat, repeat, repeat and repeat all of the above.  Don’t go to the media once or twice to discuss your plans, go daily or at least weekly.

I would recommend having a monthly round table with media invited, to update Americans what has been accomplished and how the Republican Party is fighting each action – in detail.  Might be a good idea to remind folks where our economy stood at the end of the Obama admin and how Democrats saved us from a Great Depression in 2009.

Democrats should be prepared to fight any plan that comes from the GOP as well.  A select group of congressmen/women and Senators should be prepared to explain why the GOP’s plan will not work with facts and figures.  Never let up on the facts.

The Republican Party plans to privatize Social Security and Medicare.  Democrats should put Senator Bernie Sanders in charge of this fight.  His idea of raising the dollar amount to be taxed is a perfect way to save Social Security and it’s only fair to make the wealthy pay more.  Why should a family making $40,000 a year pay taxes on all their income but when it comes to a millionaire they only have to pay taxes on their first $140,000 of income?  Senator Sanders did very well reminding folks of who would be hurt if they privatize Medicare, he’s the best person for this job.  He should also be on the board to reform ACA.

The Republican Party picks 2-4 issues and they never let up (example, Obamacare and Emails).  They will have talking points and every member sticks to those points.  They repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat and repeat again.  Just look at who they have on talk shows daily, look at how many are out there compared to Democrats?  Democrats need to step up and fight back with their own plans.  No more WAITING, and then FIGHTING – this time, make the Republican Party and the new President meet the Mandated Democratic Party demands.

Always remember that Republicans complained a lot, tried to repeal a lot, but never ever had a plan of their own.  Don’t be like them.  Have your OWN PLANS and begin selling them….NOW!

Don’t give a great amount of detail – be vague like the GOP – but repeat, repeat, repeat and repeat again.  Drill your idea into American’s brains.  Don’t give the GOP any room to maneuver.




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