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Methinks He doth protest too much December 13, 2016

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We’ve been hearing since before the election that Russia may have cyber attacked the DNC files to influence the election toward Donald Trump.  The CIA reported this weekend that Russia did indeed hack the DNC and the RNC.  Rep. Mike McCaul (R), Chairman of House of Homeland Security, admitted the RNC was hacked on CNN in Sept, he later claimed to have misspoken however.

President Barack Obama has called for an investigation into Russia’s involvement into the 2016 Election and he wants results by January 20th.  Obama’s assuming Pres. Elect Trump won’t look into the attacks by Russia because Trump called the CIA reports, “ridiculous”.  So, to have it on record Obama’s having it investigated now.

Senators were briefed in Sept on Russian meddling but Majority Leader McConnell said he had doubts about intelligence and he would push back against efforts to go public.  We know why now.  His wife has been given a cabinet position in the Trump administration. 

Pres. Elect Donald Trump is denying Russia has done anything.  He’s claiming it’s Democrats complaining because they lost the election.

You might remember Trump asking Pres. Putin to find more emails of Hillary Clintons and during the debates he spoke kindly about Putin.  He is even contemplating on hiring Exxon’s CEO and a personal friend of Pres. Putin to be his Sec. of State.

Sen. Mark Rubio says, “Being a ‘friend of Vladimir’ is not an attribute I am hoping for from a Sec. of State.

Sen. McCain (R) and Sen. Graham(R) joined Sen. Schumer (D) and Sen. Reed (D) in calling for a special committee, such as the ones for Watergate and Benghazi into Russia’s act of warfare (McCain’s words).

Former Rep. Walsh (R) of Il. tweeted, “It will be utterly disgraceful if Republicans & Conservatives keep their mouths shut in the wake of what the CIA is saying about Russia.”  On MSNBC he said, “Attacking our intelligence community instead of attacking Russia is almost an act of Treason”.

Pres. Elect Trump’s support for Putin is questionable.  He fought against 3 (normally Democratic) State voting audits (paid for) that he won by only 80,000 votes.  Nearly 3 million more people voted for Hillary Clinton.  Now Pres. Elect Trump is claiming our CIA is lying and that Russia did not influence Election.

Methinks He doth protest too much. What is he hiding?

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