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Control Trump: STOP REPEATING TWEETS (LIES) November 29, 2016

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If the media wants to control Donald Trump they simply MUST STOP REPEATING what the man says on Twitter and other social media.

Each time he tweets, only his FOLLOWERS will see those tweets. However, if the Media (Msnbc, Fox, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC) all REPEAT that tweet, then they are giving the man MILLIONS more viewers and listeners to his rants and lies.

Stop reacting to his tweets. FORCE HIM TO COME TO YOU!

If he wants to get his message out, force him to ask for a Press Conference. Force him to go face to face with Americans to state his feelings and thoughts.

Let Americans SEE his facial expressions when he claims things like there were millions of fraud voters this last election. Or that he would have won popular vote if he had campaigned in other states, or that he won in a landslide, etc…

Force the man to ASK for your attention. The media are handing him the ability to influence the American people’s opinions by spreading FALSE information.

You played into his hands during the campaign by doing this, now you are doing it again. STOP REPEATING HIS TWEETS!

You are the ones that have been trained to decide what is news and what is not – NOT DONALD J. TRUMP!

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