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Hillary Owes Her Voters to Watch over Recount- Trump LIES AGAIN November 28, 2016

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Trump’s Media supporters like Joe Scarborough are complaining about the recount, claiming double standard by liberal media. They claim Hillary said it would destroy our Democracy if you don’t accept results of election. They point out video of Trump saying he’d accept it but leaves open the option to contest if questions are seen. They say she is destroying our Democracy now.

They ignored his first comments saying he would NOT accept during that one debate (which is comment Hillary was referring to in her video they show you), and the one where he said, he’d accept only if HE WON.

They also ignore the fact of Trump repeating daily that the election process was RIGGED. He even repeated such an accusation (LIE) without prrof about California and Virginia’s RESULTS because he’s upset over the recount being done in Wisconsin. Media should be all over him for saying such a thing about our voting system being President Elect.

Hillary Clinton REFUSED to ask for a recount even after being told by computer specialist that there might be a problem with results – keep that in mind when you attack her for it. It was the GREEN PARTY that asked for and paid for the recount.

It is Hillary’s duty as a candidate that won over 2.25 million votes more than the winner did, to those VOTERS, to keep watch over the results of such a recount. Trump has that option as well.

Lastly, keep in mind that we know for a FACT that Russia invaded our computer systems, cyber attacked into the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s emails. We know for a fact they did so to HURT Hillary’s campaign.

What would stop them from also invading our electronic voting systems as well – to make sure she wouldn’t win on Nov 8th?

We as a NATION would DEMAND that our voting systems were NOT hacked into and that they are SAFE and BELIEVABLE.

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