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Six of Seven Blue Wall States Controlled by Republican Govs + Russia? November 22, 2016

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Six of seven so called blue wall States had been controlled by Republican governors.  Each of those States voters were reportedly upset with the way the economy and the direction of the nation.  Voters in those States had lost factory jobs, steel jobs and coal jobs.  Can somebody please explain to me why it was President Obama or even the Democratic Party’s fault that those States were having issues beyond those in most other States?  Could their problems possibly have been because they’ve been under the control of Republican Governors?  Are they not responsible for their own State affairs?

Six of seven blue wall States had Republican controlled Secretary of Elections in charge of the voting systems.  Donald Trump spent his whole campaign accusing the voting systems of being rigged.  Every national and state poll said that Hillary Clinton would be the winner on Nov. 8th.  Suddenly however, on Nov. 8th, she is losing, even in those 7 blue wall States she needed to win the Electoral College count.

Out of the popular vote, Hillary so far has won nearly 2 million more votes than Donald Trump.  Does it not seem ODD to anybody that even though every poll, every media outlet and even all the experts saying Hillary would win that Trump instead wins, and wins BIG TIME Electoral College wise?

I will accept that it sounds plausible to see him maybe get a close tie with her in those States and beat her but to win by thousands of votes in normally Democrat States?

We now have proof according to our intelligence officials that Russia’s Putin has spent millions working with Wikileaks and by doing cyber attacks has been able to control media attacks against Hillary’s campaign.  Why is it not possible that he was also able to control our voting machines and any electronic voting counts?

Why are Americans willing to just accept that everything was done legally during this past election cycle?  Why are we not demanding audits be done at every State level?  Why are we not demanding that a special prosecutor be brought in to investigate any and all communications between the Trump campaign, those 6 State Governors and their election boards?  Why no special investigation on Trump and his communications with Russia?

Wake up America — Even Trump supporters should be concerned, after all, it could be their guy/gal next time around.

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