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Media: Bring Trump Back Begging November 22, 2016

Posted by Coonsey in Uncategorized.
Just imagine for a minute folks what it would be like if the media and all social media were to suddenly stop discussing Donald J. Trump and instead were to start discussing actual news and stories of interest by millions.
Imagine waking up to hear about a full day at least about our wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and across the globe. Imagines hearing to horrifying but true stories of people getting hurt or killed. Imagine hearing about what is happening to those that have been bombed out of their homes.
Imagine waking up to hearing for a full day about our infrastructure and how things could be different if we just invested more today. Imagine being shown how borrowing and spending money to improve our homes and transportation today will in the long run make our homes more valuable down the road. Imagine being shown how fixing our communications, transportation, water, electric grids today will in the long run bring us a booming economy later.

Imagine waking up to hearing about our health care system and how it is saving lives, how Social Security and Medicare is saving lives and how by tweaking here and there things could be improved for everybody, Imagine hearing how privatizing those systems could damage the welfare of thousands.
Just imagine folks what it would be like to discuss actual issues everyday instead of one man’s daily actions.
Then imagine how fast the man would come running to the media begging for attention.
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