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President Elect – Already Proves Democrats Right November 19, 2016

Posted by Coonsey in Uncategorized.
Well so far Pres. Elect Trump has nominated or appointed 4 people that hate Muslims and want them all registered even tho nearly a 1000 are currently PROTECTING the Pres Elect and his ‘family’ at Trump Towers as NY police officers and even tho we have thousands currently fighting our battles in Iraq and Afghanistan. All 4 appointees have made racial comments during their life time and between 3 of them they have over 30 years of Washington insider experience. 1 has spent his life time attacking government and supporting the Alt-Right – White Supremacist groups.

The Pres. Elect has allowed his wife and his daughter with her hubby to attend governmental affair meetings, including a meeting with the Prime Minister of the Japan and refused to allow any media in those meetings. They have no security whatsoever. The Japanese are now asking why the Pres. Elect’s daughter was allowed in that meeting. What a great start huh?
The Pres Elect has asked for his family members to be in security briefings without security clearances and he’s made telephone calls with foreign nations on unsecured phone lines.
The Pres Elect is demanding to stay in the, all glass front, Trump Tower requiring NY police and Secret Service to spend hundreds of man hours and taxpayer money to make that area safe for him and his family, not to mention the thousands of visitors and shoppers surrounding the building and the 246 apartment residents in that building.
The Pres Elect wants his family in with his meetings and some to have security clearance even tho a law was passed to never allow family members position of power, including son-in-laws, after Pres Kennedy nominated his brother to a position. He also wants his family to run his business after he is officially President – yet still keep in contact with him about the Nation’s top secret information. Anybody for inside scoop to make business decisions with?
The Pres Elect feels that it’s OK to sneak out of the Tower in the middle of the night, without the press pool following him, because he desires a $60 steak from a famous restaurant. Completely ignoring historic actions where media is always with the President of U.S. in case something happens. The press pool is why we saw Pres Bush’s reaction to the World Trade Center attack.
The Pres Elect is also working already on “modernizing” Medicare and Medicaid. That means they plan to Privatize it. You will get a voucher for a specific dollar amount and told to find your own health insurance. If the voucher doesn’t cover that cost, YOU will pay the difference – not the government who you pre-paid to have a safety net when you turn 65..
He’s not even President yet and look where he’s taken the country. I sincerely pray that his supporters are beginning to regret what they’ve done.
So much for being the President for All Americans, so much for cutting the corruption in Washington, so much for saving American taxpayers money and keeping Americans safe and last but not least, so much for draining the swamp.
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