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Democrats: Let Medicare be Privatized? November 19, 2016

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Perhaps Democrats should fight, slightly, against Trump’s push to ‘modernize’ Medicare but in the end allow it to pass.  Why would I suggest such a thing?  What was the main thing that President and the Democrats passed within a few months of being in office that angered millions, the ACA (Obamacare).

Millions resented President Obama and Democrats for ‘making’ them buy health insurance when they didn’t feel they needed any.  Millions more resented the idea of their tax dollars paying to assist the poor to buy insurance.  Almost all of resented what ACA demanded insurance companies’ cover which in their minds caused everybody’s insurance premiums to increase.  Everybody resented the government and insurance companies having any say in how their doctor treats them.  Last and maybe more important than all of the above, they resented giving insurance companies even more business and more profits.

To this day while being interviewed as to why they voted for Donald Trump and Republicans, several stated they felt Mr. Trump would repeal and replace Obamacare.

There are approximately, as of 2014, 53 million people on Medicare that includes the aged and disabled.  That figure doesn’t include those on Medicare Part C or D. 

I’m guessing here but I’d be willing to bet nearly 98% of those people actually ‘need’ assistance to pay for their health care.  Imagine how they will feel when told they no longer have a Medicare Plan that instead, they will be given a voucher that is to be used to help find their own health care plan?  Doesn’t sound too bad upfront does it; I mean you get to pick the company you want to cover your health care, no more government control, etc.…. Wrong!

First off, the money currently being held in a Medicare trust fund would be used to invest in the stock market, controlled by a few people in government, this means that if the market crashes and those investments were bad ones – goodbye trust fund.

Imagine the chaos between the government, insurance companies and seniors/disabled while this process takes effect.  I can hear the phone calls now.  Seniors calling their kids complaining or worrying over not receiving their voucher yet or when do I begin using it or those that will get totally confused about what is happening.  I can see seniors arriving at the doctor’s office to find out about this new process because they didn’t see the mail or believe it.  Imagine those that will complain saying I’ve paid into the system for a secure health insurance all my life, you’ve (the government) have made interest from that money, yet all you will allow me is a couple hundred dollars?

Knowing the government and the Republican Party, as most of us do, those vouchers will only cover, maybe and if lucky, 2/3 of the cost of any premium.  That means seniors and disabled will have to cover the difference.  I’m pretty sure that families of those seniors and disabled won’t appreciate having to assist their mom, dad, brother or sister in paying that difference in cost of premiums.

Knowing how Medicare (government) currently rules what is covered and what is not and how much it will pay for the procedure or visit; I found it extremely difficult to believe they won’t continue telling insurance companies and the medical profession what can be done and what can’t and for how much.

Lastly, I’m betting those seniors and disabled won’t appreciate handing over even more business and profits to insurance companies.

My only regret in allowing this to happen would be that, I’m one of those seniors who would suffer.  My biggest fear would be, if Republicans got this passed, they’d move on to Social Security, insisting that it also be privatized.

The Democrat Party would have to insist that no one pays more than they currently do and that insurance companies cannot put a life time limit on any plan and that all companies provide at least the same care that is currently offered to all Medicare users.  They’d also have to insure that if the stock market crashes the government would step in and cover all care.  Who pays for the office that will continue to take money from workers over the years?  If the Market is doing especially well who benefits?  Will those vouchers be increased? 

Who will suffer for allowing this mess to happen?  The very people that pushed for and got the law passed the Republican Party and President Donald Trump that’s who.

If Democrats fight this privatizing of Medicare they have to explain why.  They have to point out all the problems that could appear, the pros and cons must be stated in detail.  It’s not just about the idea of the stock market crashing, it’s about the people that are involved and how confusing this could all be and costly as well.

If Democrats fight the privatizing of Medicare only marginally, they must again try to protect those involved as I stated above.

Going back to the idea of Republicans passing such a bill – it would definitely hurt them in the voting booth, just as passing Obamacare did the Democrats.



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