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Democrats: Let Medicare be Privatized? November 19, 2016

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Perhaps Democrats should fight, slightly, against Trump’s push to ‘modernize’ Medicare but in the end allow it to pass.  Why would I suggest such a thing?  What was the main thing that President and the Democrats passed within a few months of being in office that angered millions, the ACA (Obamacare).

Millions resented President Obama and Democrats for ‘making’ them buy health insurance when they didn’t feel they needed any.  Millions more resented the idea of their tax dollars paying to assist the poor to buy insurance.  Almost all of resented what ACA demanded insurance companies’ cover which in their minds caused everybody’s insurance premiums to increase.  Everybody resented the government and insurance companies having any say in how their doctor treats them.  Last and maybe more important than all of the above, they resented giving insurance companies even more business and more profits.

To this day while being interviewed as to why they voted for Donald Trump and Republicans, several stated they felt Mr. Trump would repeal and replace Obamacare. (more…)


President Elect – Already Proves Democrats Right November 19, 2016

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Well so far Pres. Elect Trump has nominated or appointed 4 people that hate Muslims and want them all registered even tho nearly a 1000 are currently PROTECTING the Pres Elect and his ‘family’ at Trump Towers as NY police officers and even tho we have thousands currently fighting our battles in Iraq and Afghanistan. All 4 appointees have made racial comments during their life time and between 3 of them they have over 30 years of Washington insider experience. 1 has spent his life time attacking government and supporting the Alt-Right – White Supremacist groups.


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