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Democrats Only Failure: Not Getting Story Out to Voters November 17, 2016

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I’ve been watching the Democrat Party along with the media argue about what went wrong this past election, why did they lose? I’ve sat back and had to listen to commentators claim the Democrats had no agenda, they gave no incentive for Americans to vote for them. It’s the “economy stupid” as Steve Bannon, Pres. Elect Trump’s right hand man (a racist) said recently.

I’d like for somebody to explain to me how offering to raise taxes on the wealthy that have benefited the most the past 20 years so that money can be used to create infrastructure jobs, give child care assistance, provide a jobs training program for those dislocted from their jobs, give small business a tax break and lower the cost of college doesn’t constitute an incentive for Americans to vote for the Democrat Party? The Party also planned on doing what they’ve been attempting to do for the past 6 years in Congress, fix and repair the ACA (Obamacare) but have been blocked from doing so by those in Control, the Republican Party.

The Democrat leaders have been siding with the media and Republicans in saying, ‘we weren’t listening to mainstream Americans’, we walked away from White folks, etc…. That’s a bunch of bullwicky!

The only thing Democrats failed to do is get the facts out to voters. Instead they, including myself, spent most of our campaign trying to point out the bad and awful things about Donald J. Trump. Mr. Trump kept doing or saying so many bad things that even the media couldn’t keep up. Meanwhile our ‘story’ wasn’t told. Instead, we hoped that voters knowing the facts about the man would be convinced to vote for Democrats.

That ‘story’ would have proven to voters that it’s been the Democrat Party that’s been fighting infrastructure spending, tax cuts, job training, etc… for the past 6 years and not the Republican Party.

The Republican Party played it very smart, they ran their campaign like a Party not just in control of the White House -but of the Congress as well. They ran as though Democrats have been the ones blocking any improvements to our economy when facts prove the opposite but Democrats failed to get those facts out to voters.

The Republican Party are experts with getting the ‘message’ out there, even if that message is a lie. Democrats have consistently failed to push that message off the map.

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