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Trump’s Health Care = Obamacare? October 11, 2016

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I wonder if anybody paid attention to what Donald Trump said he would do about Obamacare during Sunday’s town hall debate? His solution is to allow insurance companies to cross State lines to create competition which he says will lower the cost of health care.  I agree with this process, I think it will help some but not as much as Trump implies because insurance companies are monopolies. For example, State Farm in Illinois also owns State Farm in Indiana, Texas, California, etc…

I’m no expert with the way insurance companies are regulated, if at all, but I’m betting each State has their own rules on how insurance companies can do business. The only way allowing competition will work is to force all States to have the same regulations (if there are any).

I’m betting insurance companies have no rules at all and that is where the problems are. We need to regulate insurance companies the same way we do electric and water companies. They must be forced to face a committee to explain why they need a raise or increase in premiums. I think hospitals, clinics and pharmaceutical companies should be regulated also. Make them all explain why their prices need to be changed. Make them explain why they cover or don’t cover a procedure or charge so much for a pill.

Health care is a necessity of life. Just as water and electricity are. It’s not a luxury. We need to be healthy to survive, to work, take care of our children, raise healthy future generations, etc…

I know Republicans hate ‘regulations’ unless it has something to do with a woman’s body or our sex lives, or whether they approve of an action like smoking; but in this case they should support such an idea for they family and future generation’s sake.

Anyway, going back to what Donald Trump said during the debate. Did you happen to notice that he ‘agrees’ that insurance companies should be required to cover pre-existing conditions? Did you also notice that he said we’d, meaning the taxpayer, would make sure people would get insurance.
In case you don’t know what that means, it means that a large sum of money will be given from the federal government to State governments with provisions as to the way the money is to be spent.

Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that exactly what Obamacare does now with Medicare and Medicaid? That’s one reason Obamacare’s had some issues because many Republican controlled States refused to accept the federal money because they didn’t like being told how to spend it.

So, Trump will give block grants, insist that insurance companies cover pre-existing conditions and he will make sure those that can’t afford health care be covered using Federal tax dollars. Will somebody explain to me how that isn’t just like Obamacare (ACA)?

Donald Trump also fails to tell American’s how he would pay for all this. Sort of reminds me of how GW Bush pushed Medicare Part D without telling folks where the money would come from to pay for it.

Lastly, I thought Republicans were against government controlled health care? All of the above does just that. It first tells each State they must accept all insurance companies into their State, it controls who is covered, what is covered and makes taxpayers pay for uninsured or under insured.


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