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Bill Clinton Does Hillary a Favor for Upcoming Debate October 6, 2016

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Thank you, Bill Clinton, for admitting that there are problems with ACA (Obamacare).  Hillary Clinton would be crazy to deny that things haven’t worked out for everybody as President Obama and the Democrats had hoped they would.  If there is one thing that really upset Americans with President Obama, it was the ACA.

While millions of people were able to get the health insurance their families needed, and while parents were allowed to keep their college age kids on their plans saving those kids money they couldn’t afford to lose, and while Americans that have pre-existing conditions could never be denied insurance again, the ACA also hurt many people.

It forced Americans to buy insurance or pay a fine; that alone ticked off thousands.  For some reason they felt they shouldn’t have to worry about their own health care until the time came they needed help.  And many felt its ok, hospitals will be forced to care for me, it’s the law right?

Those that had insurance felt cheated because there were people getting assistance now to pay for their health insurance.  Nobody helps me pay for mine, why should my tax dollars pay for theirs, they’d say.

Both groups of angry people were ignoring the facts.

Those that claim they could handle the problem if and when they ever needed a doctor or emergency care haven’t a clue what it cost to just walk into a doctor’s office today, let alone a one or more night stay in the hospital.  Their yearly salary wouldn’t begin to cover the cost of a few days in the hospital or emergency surgery or having a baby.

Those that are upset that their tax dollars are now helping the poor to pay for insurance seem to forget that they were already paying for that coverage.  Any uninsured patient the doctor or hospital had to care for, the cost of that care was passed onto those of us that were able to buy insurance or pay with cash.   At least now, those that are getting assistance to pay for insurance have to pay something for the cost of their insurance, rather than nothing as before.  Everybody that has some income was forced to use some of it to buy their own health insurance.  When everybody is forced to share the burden, that’s fairer isn’t it?

There are also those that pay nothing for their insurance because they have nothing to give.  This is considered charity in the eyes of people that care about their fellow human being.

However, as Bill Clinton pointed out, there are major problems.  Because Americans refuse to switch over to a Universal Health Care system we are stuck with, for profit, insurance companies running our nation’s health care.  The only rules they have are, cover the ‘wellness’ procedures, cover everybody, allow older kids to stay on family plan and make sure you spend 80% of premiums on actual health care.  Meanwhile they now have millions more customers adding to their profits.  Nobody is actually keeping tabs of what they charge in premiums, co-pays, deductibles or what they actually pay out to hospitals and doctors.  Nobody is checking who it is they have in charge of what they deny or accept as care for their customers.

Health insurance companies are 100% in control of their customer’s health care.  They decide whether a patient lives or dies.  To top that off, each State insurance company has its own rules and offers.

Americans are blaming ACA (Obamacare) for everything that goes wrong with their health care.  If they would just read what ACA actually did they’d find out it’s the insurance companies that’s taken advantage of the ‘idea’ of ACA and made it the villain.

Insurance companies blame the ACA for the increase cost of premiums.  Sorry they say, we have to cover the cost of the ACA wellness promise.  When truth be told many of them, including my own, already had packages that included free so-called ‘wellness’ procedures.  That was part of the deal they made to get you to buy their plans.

Insurance companies blame the ACA for the increase cost of premiums because they have to cover pre-existing condition customers now.  What they forget to mention is, they also, because of ACA, have millions of healthy new customers paying for health insurance, customers that because of their healthy condition and age won’t use their policy for many years to come, maybe never.

Insurance companies aren’t hurting; their profits are higher than ever before.

So, when Bill Clinton speaks the truth about ACA having major issues, he’s right to admit that fact.  Denying there’s a problem would be like denying ISIS exists.

Bill’s comment this week is perfect timing.  ACA (Obamacare) will surely be mentioned during the town hall debate this coming Sunday.  It gives Hillary a chance to tell Americans what she plans on doing to fix the problems.  Will she suggest forcing insurance companies to go before a commission to ask for increases in premiums, like we force water and electric companies to do?  Will she allow customers to buy insurance across State lines?  Will she recommend going to a Universal Health care plan like Bernie Sanders suggested we do and eliminate for profit insurance companies all together?  Will she suggest that doctors and patients will decide what is covered and what isn’t, eliminating non-medical professions from making those decisions?

Most importantly, bringing up the ACA will also force Donald J. Trump to tell Americans what his plan is to replace the ACA?  He promises it will be something “Great”.  So what will it be Donald?


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