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Trump: Save Unborn or Kill Us All in a Nuclear War September 10, 2016

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To those that are voting for Donald Trump because he claims to be Pro-life which supposedly means he will nominate a conservative, Pro-Life, Supreme Court justice.  Are you aware that he is on video claiming to be Pro-Choice and Pro-Life with exceptions?  If you don’t believe me watch this video for proof.


Do you know what he told his former mistress (now his third wife, Melania) when she told him that she was pregnant?  “What are we going to do about this?”  Implying she either has the child or has an abortion.  The man you think is Pro-Life was willing to have his mistress abort her baby.


For a man that cares about life, he sure is casual when it comes to killing women and (innocent) children:


This is also the man that wants to allow other nations to have nuclear bombs.  And he refuses to rule out using them if President.  He also appears to be very interest in pushing that trigger that he and he alone decides whether or not to use; Pro-life, really?


Abortions have dropped dramatically over the years and with the technology we have these days, more and more will be denied simply because the woman will see the fetus she bears.  Education is the only way to stop abortions, it’s been proven.  The government tried to stop them and only ended up losing more lives which also destroyed whole families.


The Republican Party had complete control of Congress and the White House, along with patriotic support of Americans about 15 years ago.  They did nothing to save the unborn.  They could have written a law but they didn’t.  I could go into the reasons why they didn’t; but that’s not my point.  The majority of Americans support choice, any judge or politician would risk losing their jobs trying to reverse the Roe vs Wade law.  The law will never be removed.  I repeat, the only way to stop abortions is through education.


My first concern has always been for the children currently walking this earth.  Making Donald Trump the next President of U.S. in my view, would make their lives worse, if even survivable.


Donald Trump has one life that he cares about, his own.  Giving him the nuclear codes to push that trigger could put the lives of millions in jeopardy.  Giving Mr. Trump control over our military and executive branch could destroy our nation as well as others with his ‘words’ alone.


To those that believe Donald Trump will bring back America values, with all due respect, you are in la-la land.  He has plans alright, sadly they aren’t what his supporters are hoping for.


Every life is precious, however, come November 8th, you and I have a choice.  We ‘might’ get laws passed to stop the unborn from being destroyed by selecting a specific judge; Or, we could be saving thousands to millions of lives (including the unborn) by choosing the right person to be our next President- which choice do you want on your conscience?

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