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Security Clearance: Hillary Clinton Has One, Could Donald Trump Get One? September 8, 2016

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The media and the Republican Party have been hammering Hillary Clinton over her emails she sent or received while Secretary of State for the Obama administration.

The FBI, the State Department, the Republicans in Congress and thousands in the media have investigated this and many other issues for over a year now.  Not one has been able to prove that Hillary committed a crime.

Hillary could be disrespectful to the American people like Donald Trump by just saying something like, “I have regrets, I really do” then he is allowed to just move on by the media.  They let him walk away without questioning what exactly it is he regrets doing.  But she doesn’t do that, she speaks from the heart by saying she’s sorry about the way she handled the emails.

And when she tries to point out the years of experience she’s had handling security issues, never having done anything like this before, the media and Republicans once again pounce on her, claiming she doesn’t feel she’s done anything wrong.

Enough people!

What Hillary needs to do is say the following:

I want to ask Americans if they are aware that a President of United States is not required to have a security clearance.  That’s right; they don’t have to pass the test for a clearance.  I’m not sure why that is except to say perhaps our founding fathers assumed that if the majority of Americans trust him/her to be their leader then that is all that is needed.

I have the highest security clearance a person can achieve.  I’ve had one for years now.  At any given moment the government could have removed that clearance from my records but they haven’t.

There are several clearances, confidential (repeated every 15 years), secret (repeated every 10 years), top secret (repeated every 5 years), and sensitive compartmented information.

Now think about this.  Donald J. Trump, the man many Americans are thinking of voting for as our next President of these United States, doesn’t even hold a confidential clearance, the lowest clearance possible.  If he becomes our President on January 20, 2017, he will be given the most sensitive secrets our government could ever have.  He will be given the codes to launch a nuclear missile.  He will be given all of it because the majority of voters selected him to be our leader.  They did so assuming that he was trustworthy enough to handle the job.

Now, let’s look at what is asked when a person applies for a security clearance. 

The very first thing that is investigated is the person’s finances.  Have they filed bankrupt?  In case you are unaware, Donald Trump has filed six. 

They will be asked what connections if any do they have with foreign nations financially?  We all know Mr. Trump has businesses across the globe.  Who does he owe, who owes him?  There are reports currently out there about Mr Trump’s owing the Bank of China.  Many also wonder if Mr. Trump owes Russia money because of his current praising/support of President Putin.

They will also look at the person’s county, state and nationwide criminal history, the sex offender listing, etc.…  Are you aware that Mr Trump has had 3500 civil lawsuits against him and his name was included on 169 federal lawsuits, he’s lost 38 cases?  He is currently being sued over his Trump University dealings and one case that is still going on includes sexual harassment and rape.

Every aspect of your life is investigated.  If you want to know about details of Donald Trump’s life please visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legal_affairs_of_Donald_Trump.

Knowing all this, do you really believe Donald J. Trump would pass the security clearance tests?  I don’t.

So my fellow Americans, if you are truly concerned about our security, please compare your concerns about my mistakes with email system, for which I’ve apologized to, to the possibility that Mr. Donald J. Trump wouldn’t be able to pass the test for even a confidential clearance, let alone a Top Secret if he were required to do so.

I remind you that I continue to hold a Top Secret clearance and I’m positive that I will continue to do so for many years to come.  I hold our security very seriously and I would never ever intentionally do harm to our nation.

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