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Trump Cancels Rallies – Playing a McCain who Suspended his Campaign? August 23, 2016

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Trump’s cancelling three different rallies this weekend. So, if we use the logic Trump and his supporters have been pushing, Trump must be “tired, sick, weak, has no stamina, etc..” …..OR ……Trump is committing a Political Ploy as John McCain did back in 2008 during his campaign against Barack Obama. Remember what he did? He “suspended his campaign” to go to Washington to help with the financial crisis of our time (which by the way had already been decided the course of action) to avoid a debate.  McCain had just said recently that the “fundamentals of the economy are strong”.   … In Trump’s case he’s going to get to the bottom of Hillary’s emails and foundation problems. Like he and no other can handle that job.
Both McCain and Trump’s poll numbers were/are dropping before these statements. Trump is losing big time, even in Red States. He has to do something to stop the hemorrhaging.

He’s already changed his opinion of blacks and Latinos (their no longer rapists or lazy – they just need HIS help) and now with Immigration. He’s said since day one that he would deport all 11 million illegal immigrants from their homes including their families. Now he is going to do what Obama’s been successful in doing, he says, kick out the “bad ones” and follow the “process” with the rest of them. What the “process” is and how different it will be isn’t being told of course.
Talk about your FLIP FLOPPER!?
And if a special prosecutor is needed, its to investigate Trump and his campaign manager’s TIES to Russia and China.  If he were required to have a security clearance as I mentioned previously in a post, the first thing they would ask for would be his credit reports, tax returns, any ties to foreign countries and they’d investigate his 6 bankruptcies. That’s a fact folks, read up on clearances. Unfortunately, pres candidates are not required to have a clearance which is beyond comprehension but the attitude is, if Americans vote for them, they must then be honest trustworthy people….what a laugh.
I sincerely hope somebody in Congress passes a bill requiring all candidates have a security clearance or at least undergo same requirements to get one.
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