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Enough About Emails and Benghazi – Real Problem is Donald Trump August 19, 2016

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I’m so sick of hearing about Hillary Clinton’s EMAILS. My gosh people. She’s been investigated clear back to 2009 over these things and guess what, the State Department, the FBI, a Republican controlled Congress more than once and still going and the media, have found NOTHING illegal about what she did. Inappropriate and careless, yes, but nothing illegal. To top that off, previous SOS’s have done the same thing and haven’t been investigated for it at all and they passed along classified info whereas Hillary’s weren’t classified till after they were sent. Just like all the scandals about her that the Republicans claimed happened during Bill Clinton’s terms in office, nothing was ever found to be illegal.

Is it really possible to have hundreds, maybe even thousands of men, women from all branches of government, from all sides of the political spectrum and the media researching, digging, investigating and even having her testify for hours — for them to all have been on HER SIDE and hiding her so called illegal actions? Is it possible that she could convince each and everyone of them to ignore those so call crimes? Get real people.

The emails are what Republicans are using to try and hurt her campaign. That’s all they really have besides her views on policies. If you repeat something often enough it surely must be true right? That’s the view of Republicans these days.

We currently have a man that’s actually been convicted of crimes running for President, a man that’s done nothing but lie through out his life with PROOF of such lies, that’s done nothing but flip flop on issues since day one, that’s attacked his fellow Party, the media and now the FBI for things they’ve been saying or reporting that are FACTS about him. A man that is curious about why he couldn’t push the nuclear button. A man that’s refused to pay his bills and gone bankrupt 6 times hurting thousands of employees. A man that’s attacked a gold star mother, a war veteran, women, man that’s invited our enemy to hack our systems, a man that sides with Russia’s Putin on most issues, a man that’s claimed that Obama and Hillary our “founders” of ISIS then claims it’s just a joke while our soldiers are fighting ISIS – giving ISIS a tool to use against us, a man that plans on kicking Muslims out of the U.S. which includes soldiers that have fought for us giving ISIS another tool to use against Americans. That’s just to name a few things he’s done or plans to do so far. And you are worried about emails that have not been found to be illegal after years of investigating by hundreds if not thousands of people? WOW!

As for Benghazi, where were the months even years of investigations during the Ronald Reagan and both Bush administrations (GW Bush has 13 of them) when our bases and embassies were attacked. ┬áDon’t bother researching, there was nothing investigated compared to the way Republicans have gone after President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

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