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Media Keeps Swallowing Trump’s Bait August 17, 2016

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I guess Trump will finally put out some TV campaign ads in 5 key States later this week. The media is criticizing his decision to have waited so late in doing so. The political commentators claim he should have started them before the convention and at the very latest afterwards. They just haven’t caught onto Trump’s way of thinking yet. They didn’t during the primary and still don’t.

Trump is relying on the Media to run his campaign FOR HIM. During his primary he spent time on some TV show nearly everyday of the week. Even during the general election, he’s purposely said something or mis-spoke to cause the media to, once again, discuss Trump on TV.

Trump’s motto – even bad news is good advertising.

Now by waiting all these weeks to pay for any ads, he’s decided to spend a few million (nothing compared to Hillary’s campaign of course) on ads in those 5 key states only. Why not every key state? Why not spend that 88 million he got just last month on ads since the polls have him losing everywhere? Again I say, why should he? The Media will air them for him.

Why spend millions on ads when all he needs do is produce a few, wait for months to air them, then whoosh, surprise the media with a sudden turn around about airing some.

What will the media do? They will do exactly what Trump’s planned on them doing all along, they will repeat those few ads, and keep repeating them long enough for every concerned voter to see in every state, while discussing Mr Trump’s strategy and whether or not Trump should have waited so long to air them.

He’s a genius when it comes to working the media, I will give him that.

It’s sad however because the Media just hasn’t caught onto his USING THEM. They keep on swallowing his bait.

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