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Tim Kaine VP? Went From Worried to Excited July 24, 2016

Posted by Coonsey in Uncategorized.
I just listened and watch the speech by Sen Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s nominee for VP from Virginia.
I’ve always like this man over the years watching him be interviewed on television. He’s always a good debater. Today however was the first ever speech I’ve heard him give. In just a matter of minutes he took me from being worried about whether or not he could help Hillary other than possibly turning Virginia to a Blue State this year, to a woman thrilled to death that he was chosen to run as the Democratic VP nominee. He impressed me so much that I’m actually looking forward to the future when he is able to run for President of U.S..
Do yourself a favor and watch his speech today. Whether you are a Democrat, Independent or Republican, this man will surely make you smile, possibly cry and feel excited about the future of our nation.
For those thinking I’m nuts to put so much trust in one speech — I’ve done a lot a research so far about this man and while we don’t agree 100%, just as I didn’t agree with Pres Obama or Bill Clinton, I see that we have a lot more in common than not. I’ve also always had the ability to know when somebody is a winner or could be — and my gut tells me this man is a winner.
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