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Trump vs Cruz Event Obviously Pre-Planned July 21, 2016

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The Trump VS Cruz media grabber last night was preplanned with or without Cruz acknowledgement. Think about it Republicans. What better way to grab more FREE AIR TIME a BIGGER AUDIENCE and MEDIA ATTENTION then to REPORT TO THE MEDIA that, “he may or may not endorse” on Wed night?

It’s been reported that the Trump ‘family’ knew Cruz would NOT be endorsing on Monday. Did they inform the media of this fact and therefore, NEWS? NOPE! Why would they? If the media already knows what Cruz will say there’s nothing to discuss or debate for the next 2 days of the convention. So, instead, they stay silent, letting the media stew, discuss and argue over what Cruz will do Wed Night, thereby drawing even MORE audience, coverage and FREE AIR TIME.

What good reason could there be to have Cruz speak on Wed if this wasn’t preplanned? The campaign isn’t stupid, they rarely make mistakes and NEVER own up to them if they do. In fact, Cruz himself could have been a big part of this plan. Cruz is always out for himself, perhaps Trump made one of his big DEALS with Cruz. You do this for me and I’ll give you Sec of State or Attorney General or Sec of Def…..or I’ll even back you in 2020 if I lose this election.

As for Trump walking into the hall at the end of Cruz’s speech, again, preplanned. Steal the attention away from Cruz. Get media all stirred up discussing his action.

As for Trump saying, “I loved it” about the speech, again, preplanned. Grab the media’s attention – why would he say that if Cruz didn’t endorse him???? In other words, cause even more discussion.

Trump’s campaign has been one huge television event, each event is planned to make the media react. If media reacts, things are accomplished. Television viewers enjoy excitement, the not knowing what will happen events, they debating, etc…

If I have any suggestion for Hillary it would be – hire the best television producer you can find, maybe even Sat Nite Live’s guy. Make your campaign funny, exciting, an attention grabber – throw out the old way of campaigning. Keep the media is LIMBO….they hate the NOT KNOWING WHAT WILL HAPPEN.



I forgot to add a bit about having Mike Pence speak AFTER Cruz, and walking on stage afterwards, again, preplanned to take away the attention Pence got from his speech. It’s always about TRUMP, nobody has a right to out stage him so he will do anything to get the attention away from that person. If you noticed, he couldn’t even sit still very long during his son’s speech, kept waving, smiling, pointing, talking, etc.. Mr Trump is Stuck on HIMSELF.

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