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Hillary vs Bernie: Will There Be Party Unity After Primary? May 24, 2016

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Several have declared that the Party will never unify because of the deep divide between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters.   I humbly disagree.

While it is true that according to polls a large portion of Bernie’s supporters may not vote for Hillary in the General Election, it is not true, that if they are true Democrats, they would vote for Donald Trump over Hillary.  If a person believes in the platform of the Democrat Party, they ‘will’ vote for Hillary in the end.

We all, at some point, want something we can’t have.  For example, that first new home we’ve been dreaming about.  You have a picture of what the home will look like, how big it will be, the layout of the kitchen and bedrooms, how the home will look to a visitor, a picket fence, beautiful yard, etc…  When you go to your realtor you tell them exactly what you want and the way it should look.  They begin looking for you.  They make several calls having you go look at the perfect home, they say, you need to see.  Only you find out it’s not what you want at all.  You look for days, weeks and even months hoping to finally run into the home of your dreams.  Soon however reality sets in, you either can’t afford the home of your dreams because it’s too expensive, or the vision you had is just not out there.  You end up accepting a beautiful home that isn’t exactly as you pictured it would be but it has many features you like, so you buy it.

That’s how I see every election.  You pick the person you think would make a great President.  You push their qualities to other voters.  You get angry when your person is criticized or being treated unfairly.  Even though your candidate and the other one that has similar ideas or plans, you prefer your person.  Words are exchanged, facts are presented, etc…  In the end your person doesn’t win.  While disappointed and even angry at the results for different reasons, you come to the realization that the other candidate is still better than what the other Party is presenting.  At least you get a part of what you had visioned as the best nominee, so you vote for them.

That’s what happens in almost every election.  There may be a few that will settle for nothing else, but it’s a rare case.

So calm down Hillary supporters, things will end up your way and hopefully she will win in November, meanwhile, let the voters that haven’t voted tell us who ‘they’ support.  Then let us pray we have a winner!


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