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To Bernie Supporters and Those Who Want to Eliminate Trump May 22, 2016

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Here’s the deal folks. Last week a Fox poll had Hillary losing to Trump. This week another poll shows her losing to him and one, NBC, shows her beating him, Keep in mind however, NBC/MSNBC have been pushing Hillary since day one of the primary and have basically ignored Bernie Sanders.
In two polls Hillary loses to Trump by 3 pts.  In the NBC poll, Hillary beats Trump 46 to 43 whereas Bernie beats him 54 to 39 = Double digits folks!  Hillary loses Independents to Trump and Seniors believe it or not.
There are a few more contests and unless a miracle happens Bernie will not beat Hillary for the Democrat Nomination.
If Trump wins, he will pick possibly 3 new supreme court justices – CONSERVATIVE ONES. Those that are against the woman’s right to choose. Those that believe a woman’s place is at home. Those that believe it’s ok to own as many guns as you want and it doesn’t matter who you are or where you wear it. And worse of all, Trump will get us into a major war with even our allies because of his stupidity and rude mouth.
Hillary may be a very good President, but her vision is the same as Obama’s and because of the Congress, look where it got him – to the point of using executive orders to get anything done. Republicans hate Hillary even more than they hated Obama. What makes voters think she can get anything more done.
Polls show that Bernie Sanders will not vote for Hillary and if they vote at all they will vote for Trump because at least he’s ‘different’.
We need Bernie Sanders, because with his followers and Hillary’s followers we can eliminate a lot of Republicans in Congress giving the next president a chance to accomplish great goals with a Democratically controlled Senate and House.
For those of you worried about Bernie’s age – keep in mind, his VP will be able to take over for him and knowing Bernie, he will pick someone that thinks the way he does.
For those worried about the Supreme Court — keep in mind that Bernie will definitely choose one that is on the side of the PEOPLE, not the extreme right.
California has over 500 elected and super delegates. That primary is June 7th. The Sanders campaign admits to being short on money, because of the media voters have come to believe it’s impossible for him to win so they’ve stopped donating an average of $27 to his campaign.
Bernie needs money to advertise in California. He needs to WIN BIG in California. Big enough to win at least 80% of the votes.
If you want universal health care that removes Insurance companies from the health care industry which in turn saves us money, If you want cheaper medicines, If you want tuition free college for your kids, If you want a better environment, If you want our infrastructure repaired thereby creating new jobs and giving us better security, If you want to keep our nation safe but with less, unpaid for, war, if you want the People to control our government instead of Wall Street or wealthy, if you want better and equal pay, then you MUST SUPPORT BERNIE NOW!
Please do us all a favor and go donate to Bernie Sanders campaign TODAY. California’s election is June 7th. He needs time and money to get his message out there. He needs a REVOLUTION folks…..NOW!
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