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Enough Already, Let the Voters Decide April 28, 2016

Posted by Coonsey in Uncategorized.
It’s sad that the only news you hear about this past week is that Hillary won 4 out of 5 states. If you look at the details however, she won 204 delegates and Bernie won 146, a difference of 58.

There are 1236 delegates still available, 3 months till the convention and nearly 6 months until the Nov general election. One story, one major event, one more scandal could change the whole ball game, yet the media and certain individuals are pushing for Bernie Sanders(D), Gov Kasich(R) and Sen Cruz(R) to drop out and basically ignore the millions still wanting to vote.  I say let the voters decide, not the media or establishment of each Party.

As far as the losing candidates possibly hurting the winner – that’s nonsense. Everything that was going to be said to try and win the nomination has already been said and it’s not like the opposing candidate is stupid and not able to do their own research. What is said between now and the end is just repeating what’s been said since the beginning. Anybody that actually votes has likely already decided who they prefer from watching the dozens of debates and commentary on television.
To me, it would serve them all right if every voter from here on out were to stay home if Bernie or even Republicans, Kasich and Cruz were to drop out of the race. It would do damage to ALL candidates.
The People need to say – ENOUGH of the establishment and media, controlled by the wealthy, telling us who our leaders should be.


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