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Hillary is Winning; But It Shouldn’t it be Bernie? April 26, 2016

Posted by Coonsey in Uncategorized.
General Election polls still show Hillary beating Trump and Cruz but losing to Kasich. On the other hand, Bernie beats Trump and Cruz by double digits and by 4pts against Kasich.
Hillary gets real small crowds at her speeches whereas Bernie gets 19,000 plus showing up.
Last night during a townhall, Hillary interrupted Rachel Maddow for saying, “If you are the nominee…” and started demanding that it be known that ‘she’ has 2 million more votes than Bernie. ‘She’ has 200+ pledged delegates than he does, etc… She failed however to point out that she got those votes because of name recognition down south, in States that Dems rarely ever win.
Bernie on the otherhand started out his campaign being 6pts in the general election match ups, he now is beating Hillary vs anybody else on the GOP side.
Don’t get me wrong, Hillary is a very smart woman and will probably do a fine job carrying Obama’s torch and maybe adding a couple of extra goodies. But unless we win the Senate and more Representatives – she will have the same problem as Obama has against the gridlocked GOP leadership, perhaps even more since they all dislike Hillary even more than the black man in office, not only because of who she is but because she would be the first woman in the office. They cannot allow a black man or woman to have a successful presidency, that would mean more to come.
Bernie on the other hand would have millions more voters supporting him when combined with Hillary’s Dems – enough to demand CHANGE in Washington with a more progressive agenda and a vision of the future.
Makes you wonder why Hillary is winning the nomination instead of Bernie.


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