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Republican Candidates Careless About Voters April 25, 2016

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I’ve seen Republicans over the years try and even recently take away the rights of Democrat voters but they’ve gone to a new low today.

Senator Cruz and Governor Kasich, Republicans, who are running for President have ‘decided’ to help each other by ignoring their fellow Republican’s desires within specific States. Within Indiana, New Mexico and Oregon, they’ve decided they will each give up their campaigns within those States to the other. In other words, Cruz won’t campaign within New Mexico or Oregon, giving Kasich a chance to beat Donald Trump and in exchange, Kasich won’t campaign within Indiana allowing Cruz to try and beat Trump there. Their goal is to take away delegates from Donald Trump.

They are not only completely writing off the campaign crews within those States that have probably worked all year long trying to get votes for their candidate; they are telling Republican voters in those States, “Sorry, but we care more about stopping Trump then getting your support for President.

While I think it would be entirely unfair for Mr Trump to lose the nomination just because he didn’t quite make the 1237 magic number of delegates, missing the target by perhaps as much as 75 or less, and the other two candidates not getting anywhere near that number; but Donald Trump isn’t much better.

He’s admitting now that his actions in the beginning, calling other candidates names, attacking minorities, attacking the media, etc… was all just a show to get voter’s attention and votes. Like his old television show, “The Apprentice, You’re Fired”, he was performing, it was supposedly all an ‘act’ to sell a product, namely ‘him’. He had to act that way he says, to get people excited enough to vote for him.

Now he claims he will become the ‘real’ Donald Trump, very Presidential, if he wins the nomination for president for the Republican Party. He’s been fooling millions and millions (as he calls it) of voters since day one.

I sincerely hope and pray that those Republican, Independent and some Democrat voters will remember what these Republican candidates did to them when it comes to a possible contested convention, and even more important, when the General Election rolls around to their State. They were manipulated and lied to by all three candidates showing they could care less what the voters want.


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