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Bernie, Be the Underdog They Say You Are April 21, 2016

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For the past couple of months the media and Hillary Clinton supporters have been claiming that Senator Bernie Sanders numbers don’t add up to a win at the Democrat Convention.  After the huge win in New York, they are now claiming that Bernie could hurt Hillary by discussing ‘the issues’ and where they differ.  Don’t discuss her connections to Wall Street or large corporations they tell him.  Don’t discuss her large speaking fees she gets from those companies.  Don’t discuss her pushing for fracking, her involvement in Libya or Iraq and don’t discuss the fact that she only wanted to raise the minimum wage to $12.50 and Bernie from the beginning has pushed for $15 and hour.   Just stick to the issues, they say.  Say what?

They tell Bernie that after New York that he definitely cannot win the nomination, his numbers just cannot add up to the required amount needed.  They say she has over 2 million more votes than he does, and several hundred more Super Delegates on her side, where they’ve been since before the Primary even really began.  They say that even if he tries to contest the nomination that there is no way that those delegates will pick him.  The establishment has decided, Bernie has lost and he needs to throw in the towel and start supporting Hillary Clinton for President.

So Bernie, be the loser, or better yet, the underdog as they claim you are.  Instead of claiming you have a path to victory, tell voters that the path is being obstructed by the Democrat establishment leaders and Hillary’s campaign.

It’s time to give ‘warning’ to your supporters.  Unless voters stand up, get registered (especially if their State is a closed Primary), gather their family and friends and get out and vote, Senator Bernie Sanders will not be the Democrat Nominee for President.  This is a pure example of the need for that political ‘revolution’ Bernie’s been pushing since day one of his campaign.  The People Must Decide, not the establishment leaders.

I’m by no means a political expert but I’m pretty darn sure that the use of the famous Ross Perot TV ads would come in handy right now.  I suggest that Bernie’s people arrange for a fifteen minute, whatever is affordable, of air time for Bernie to be face to face with viewers explaining the situation.  Explain to voters what I just pointed out about his not having a chance unless a ‘revolution’ is created.  That same television ad can be replayed on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.  This must be done NOW before next week’s primaries.

Bernie’s also being attacked for not, they claim, fundraising for the Party; to make them happy I would also inform voters that he ‘is’ a Democrat and as one, he wants a Democrat controlled House of Representatives and Senate.  For that to happen he is asking for donations, not only to his campaign but to the Democrat Party for every down state candidate to use to win with.  Tell voters he’d still refuses to use PAC money, so he needs the voters to do for the Democrat Party what they’ve done for him these past few months, donate small or large amounts, but please donate.  Tell the Party, “Bernie sent me.”.

Bernie Sanders can’t win the nomination; Hillary Clinton will be the Democrat nominee – so says the media and the Democrat Party leaders.  Let’s prove them wrong Bernie.  Get that ad paid for and get on TV and other social media warning Americans that unless they stand up – you will lose this fight.

Lastly, I would hint that Elizabeth Warren would be a wonderful asset to your team to run for President and Vice President of these United States.  That would definitely take votes away from Hillary’s campaign.


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