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Buck Stops Here: When Convenient to Me April 15, 2016

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Remember the famous words by former President Harry Truman, “The Buck Stops Here”?  Well we have gotten few examples recently of when that phrase might ‘not’ be acceptable for former Sec. of State, Hillary Clinton to use and when she will use it if it’s helping her display her “experience” and “judgement” as being a ‘part’ of former President Bill Clinton’s administration, as Senator of New York and as Sec. of State for President Barack Obama during her campaign.

Very little has been said by the so called debate ‘experts’ about the way Hillary basically ‘passed the buck’ or ‘blame’ for Libya and Syria’s mistakes on President Obama last night during the CNN’s Democrat Debate between Sec. Hillary and Sen. Bernie Sanders.  Eliza Collins wrote a column about it, thankfully.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen her ‘pass the buck’ when the issue seems to make her appear weak or bad.  During other debates she’s more than happy to take credit (many times) for the economy and the jobs created during her husband’s  administration, implying that because she was ‘there’ she was involved in getting things done during that time, until however, the bad part about the ‘Crime Bill’ of the 90’s issue is discussed.  At that point she claims innocence saying something like, I wasn’t a Senator back then, that was my “husband’s bill”.

We’ve seen many times where she will take credit for getting a health care bill passed, claiming ‘she’ was the one that negotiated with people to get that done when reality tells us it was President Obama pushing that through Congress, not her.  The Sec. of State has very little to do with domestic issues.

Last night you would have thought it was ‘she’ that negotiated the most recent peace deal between Israel and Palestine, claiming “I was the one sitting at that table with three others…”.  True, however she’s forgetting once again, that she was doing what President Obama ordered her to do, “it was HIS fault”, as she reminded us when it came to Libya.  She wasn’t the one offering deals or discussing options, she was there doing the job the President sent her to do.  She was “just an employee” of the President’s as she so pointedly states when the issue is making her look bad.

I think Hillary’s actions during her campaign tell us what she will do as President whenever there’s a problem.  She will “Pass the Buck”.


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