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What the President Should Say to the GOP Senate Leaders March 3, 2016

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Mr President,
The next time the Republican Senators tell you that you are wasting your time nominating a new Supreme Court Justice because you are a Lame Duck President and therefore that decision should be given to whom ever voters vote for in November, tell them the following, “If that is the case Senators, than I guess I shouldn’t react or do any of my sworn duties to protect the American people from here on out.”  
According to their logic you shouldn’t do anything for the next 10 months.  So, Mr. President, if we’re attacked by Russia, North Korea (who just fired off more missiles) or Iran for example, you should sit back and just say, “Well America, I’m a lame duck, so we have to wait it January 20, 2017 and allow your next president to decide whether we react to this attack or not.”
I guess it also means you shouldn’t be the military’s Commander-n-Chief either, which means you should stop all military actions you’ve ordered regarding ISIS and Al Qaeda this year.
Oh, and by the way sir, being a lame duck also means you shouldn’t be signing any bills from here on out.
If the Republican Senators feel the nomination of a supreme court justice is too important that only a President that is still within his/her first 3 years in office, or their 4th thru 6th, should obey their pledge to, “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the U.S.”, they apparently also feel that all other duties of the Office of the Presidency should be suspended and  held over until January 20, 2017.  
Perhaps the job of a Lame Duck president is just to sit behind their desk signing blank sheets of paper and/or smiling at television cameras?
I wonder how the American people would feel about that?


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