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August 1, 2009

Posted by Coonsey in Uncategorized.

Cash for Clunkers Problems

The GOP are trying to make hay over the problems with the Cash for Clunkers program.  Claiming that it’s a prime example of how ‘government’ handles things, imagine what they would do with health care, they say.

Yes, let’s look at the way government has handled health care.  Let’s look at how they’ve handled federal and state workers health care and pensions.  Let’s look at how they’ve handled our military’s health care with the Veterans Administration.  Let’s look how they’ve handled medicare and social security for centuries.

Gosh folks, who hasn’t started up a new project at their work place only to find they’ve made a few mistakes along the way?  I can’t tell you the amount of errors that were found during past conversions at my place of business or at past employments.

What the GOP, along with the media, seem to ignore is — the GOOD that has come from this one particular project.  Thousands of newer, more energy efficient cars are now on the road, and thousands more will soon be.

Thousands of car dealers are actually getting some business for a change instead of sitting at their little service desk in a chair with their feet on that desk, waiting and hoping for a customer to walk in.

This helps the economy people — that is in it’s worse shape since the Great Depression.

I’ve said all along that this kind of deal for several items that are expensive and that use energy (refrigerators, stoves, furnaces, air conditioners, new roofs and windows) would not only create jobs it would help our environment and save on our energy bills.

What do Republicans think? They think it’s a poorly ran program (just like the Medicare and Social Security programs)….ignoring that ‘anything’ can be ‘fixed’ and should be, especially if it’s ‘helping’ the economy, our seniors and disabled and our beautiful earth.

This reaction by the GOP should be used as an example of the way Republicans handle things.  Instead of trying to fix a problem, they junk it.


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