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August 20, 2008

Posted by Coonsey in Politics.
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According to the Zogby/Reuters poll, Senator John McCain leads Senator Barack Obama in their poll by 5 points. He also leads Obama by 9 points in who would be the best manager of the economy.

“That hairline difference between nuance and what appears to be flip-flopping is hurting him with liberal voters,” Zogby said.

Obama’s support among Democrats fell 9 percentage points this month to 74 percent, while McCain has the backing of 81 percent of Republicans. Support for Obama, an Illinois senator, fell 12 percentage points among liberals, with 10 percent of liberals still undecided compared to 9 percent of conservatives.

The telephone poll of 1,089 likely voters had a margin of error of 3 percentage points.

Well first off, a margin of error of 3 percentage points makes McCain’s lead only about 2 points and this is only the second poll since June that McCain’s been in the lead. Obama’s led in all the other ones and continues to do so in some other ones.

Secondly, if there is anyone that truly thinks the Democrats (Obama’s base) will vote for John McCain (McBush), a man that supported the war in Iraq and still does, that is pushing for war in Iran and now possibly Russia. A man that admitted to not being an expert on the economy, that until two months ago was against drilling for oil (even Governor Mitt Romney question McCain’s opposition to drilling during a Republican debate in California just seven months ago) — they are dreaming.

During that same debate, McCain said that

Overall Americans better off.  I think we are better off overall if you look at the entire 8 year period,” And you trust this ‘man’ to fix the economy problems?

Even the troops support Obama. According to an analysis of campaign contributions by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics, Obama has received nearly six times as much money from troops deployed overseas at the time of their contributions than has McCain.

Let me remind some of you of a few statements made by Gov. Mitt Romney (R) about McCain:

I think it’s going to change a lot of people’s opinion about the Straight-Talk Express, which is what he’s been selling for some years that he’s a straight-talker, and he tells it like it is. I think people recognize that he’ll say anything to get the presidency. It’s been something that he’s been campaigning for well, probably a decade or more.


Frankly, I listened to his comment at the debate on the economy. You may have heard it. It was a stream of consciousness type of discussion, where he talked about punishing people on Wall Street, and then he mentioned something about a town in Norway. It really was a very unusual answer. I just don’t think he has a grounding in how the economy works.

How any American knowing all this could still vote for John McCain is beyond my comprehension. He’s another George W. Bush, he lies, he flip flops positions for political gain adn some of his own fellow POW’s won’t vote for him.  He is willing to stay in Iraq indefinitely and he thinks the economy’s problems are in everybody’s ‘head’. His own advisor said we’re a bunch of whiners. Just imagine seeing this man’s face and hearing his ‘fear mongering’ for another four years.

If you vote for McCain – you deserve everything he dishes out. Pack your bags, you’ll be going to war.


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