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July 11, 2014

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Clearing Out Unused Things


Getting rid of a few things I no longer use.  If interested please check the following items on Ebay:


Smartparts SyncPix SPX7E 7″ Digital Picture Frame IMG_3275 IMG_3270 The SyncPix SPX7E is a 7 inch digital frame with 256 MB of internal memory. It shares compatibility with most of the latest memory cards. You can view around 2000 pictures in a slide show with attractive effects on this Smartparts 7 inch frame.


Ion VHS/VHS-C/8mm/Camcorder VCR To PC USB Video Conversion System IMG_3323 Want to convert your old VHS, VHS-C, 8mm movies to digital files that can then be burned onto DVDs?  This is the way to go.  Do it yourself and even make a little money doing some for others.


I also will have a 7″ Android Tablet available within a couple of days. IMG_3283 IMG_3291   I had a buyer on Ebay but he/she was from overseas.  I posted that I only ship within U.S., so I am cancelling his/her purchase.  I am asking for $25 plus shipping for the tablet.  If you are interested make a comment on this post.

This D-age Android 4.0 7 inch (model DA788) tablet works just fine.  It comes with the following software: Free Fall, Littlest Pet Shop, Minecraft Pocket Edition, Sponge Bob Diner Dash Deluxe, Office Suite and several others.  I’ve included an additional 1 GB Micro SDHC card, the DC adapter and USB connection.  You install/update games using the Google Play Store option.  The games that are on the tablet may have to be updated with your Google account.

June 19, 2014

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Cheney’s Need to Step Aside

The op-ed by former VP Dick Cheney and his daughter are once again attacking the Obama admin for something that wouldn’t be happening today if it weren’t for Mr Cheney and the former president.

“In one Arab capital, a senior official pulled out a map of Syria and Iraq. Drawing an arc with his finger from Raqqa province in northern Syria to Anbar province in western Iraq, he said, “They will control this territory. Al Qaeda is building safe havens and training camps here. Don’t the Americans care?””

Cheney’s, “Our Last Night president doesn’t seem to. Iraq is at risk of falling to a radical Islamic terror group ”

If Americans hadn’t been told lies and exaggerations about Iraq, in order to talk us into invading that sovereign nation (that had NOT been part of the 9/11 attack by the way) and overthrowing her leadership, it’s possible that Al Qaeda wouldn’t be invading Iraq today – not with Saddam in charge.  He liked having control of his nation.

Pres. Bush had ‘plans’ on attacking Iraq before even becoming President, clear back in 1999.  Being in Iraq is no accident or in retaliation for attacking us, we’re there because Bush wanted it.  Read this…Story

One of Bush’s advisors wrote a book about invading Iraq years before Bush became president.  Paul Wolfowitz, remember him?  He was given he name of “architect” of the invasion of Iraq. He now admits we did it wrong.  He also admits that the plan for the war was devised just two days after 9/11.

We left Iraq because that was the ‘deal’ made between them and G.W. Bush –not because President Obama ‘says so’.  The Obama administrations is doing very well keeping us ‘safe’ – we haven’t had another 9/11 have we?  He, unlike the former president is willing to go into Pakistan to kill terrorists, but doing that without killing a single solder.

I’m sorry but these two people need to  — step aside in shame.  THEY failed us by doing what they did, now they want to change the FACTS to improve ‘their’ history and help WIN AN ELECTION in NOV.

They poked our arm into the Middle East (the Beehive) and now we can’t back out ever or risk letting the hive out.  We will forever be required to ‘control’ things there.  I said this would happen before we invaded Iraq.  Of course, what do “I” know.

I can only imagine what will happen if another Republican gains control of the White House.  Be prepared for more War my fellow Americans.  If we do go to war again, the DRAFT should be brought back — let EVERYBODY feel the pain, not just volunteers.  Maybe then, the idea of War won’t sound so good.

June 8, 2014

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I’m Back…Maybe

I’m going to try and start posting my thoughts again.  My life has been ‘complicated’ since my mother passed away last September.  Getting back into the groove of things has been difficult for me.  Hopefully that will begin to change soon.

Hope to see you visit once in awhile and perhaps comment on what I have to say.

Later Gator!

November 27, 2013

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November 27, 2013

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I’m not Catholic but I like this Guy!


November 27, 2013

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Bush medicare dHow true is this!  Too bad media won’t report it.


November 27, 2013

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Happy Thanksgiving to All


November 21, 2013

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Here’s Proof ACA is Working


Health care costs rose by only 1.3% a year from 2010 to 2013, a new report from the White House Council on Economic Advisers shows. That’s the lowest increase in a three-year period on record. White House officials cite the 2010 Affordable Care Act as a main factor in lowering costs…”

“Reduced health care costs for employers could lead to 200,000 to 400,000 new jobs per year by the second half of the decade, said Jason Furman, the chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers.

“If just half the recent slowdown in spending can be sustained, health care spending a decade from now will be $1,400 per person lower,” Furman said.

The Council of Economic Advisers report released Wednesday also said health care inflation is the lowest it has been in 50 years.”

“Because of cost reductions, the Congressional Budget Office reduced Medicare and Medicaid spending projections in 2020 by $147 billion since 2010, the report noted.”

“Private insurance spending grew at an annual rate of 1.6% in the past three years, Furman said, while Medicare spending had 0.0% growth rate and Medicaid spending was “actually minus 0.5%.”

November 15, 2013

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Truth Be Told – We’re Doing Well

Once again there are those out there that just love attacking anything this administration does or doesn’t do.  Allow me to enlighten you to just a few facts about how our nation is doing so far.

We’ve gotten through a Great Depression (as GW Bush called it).  According to MarketWatch, the stock markets are at records highs, retailers and corporations are making record profits, employers are hiring again (instead of cutting like we’ve been told they would over Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare)).

Yesterday the news reported that GM stocks rose because investors found out by year end the government would no longer own it.

Gas prices are hovering around $3.00.  In July of 2008, prices were above the $4 range and when Obama became president they were around $2.80.  Within weeks of the GOP winning the House they were above $3.00.

Unemployment rate is at the same level it was in 2008 at 7.2%.  Yes the rate needs to be lower.  The point is, even during the Great Recession, the administration has been able to get that rate back down from above 10% that it was in 2010. 

The two wars will be over soon and the administration has kept us safe for five years now.

If you listen to the so-called “Liberal” media you’d think the Affordable Care Act has failed; but truth be told, over one million Americans signed up for health insurance or researched their qualifications for assistance just in the first month it began.  You’d also think Democrats were hurting Americans by giving them a chance to have good health for less cost in the future.

Those of you that lost your health coverage should be yelling at your insurance company.  They knew -before- the ACA was voted on that they’d be dropping your plans.  Why didn’t they warn you?  They wanted the bill to pass, that’s why.  It gives them more customers and the opportunity to drop old policies and make new ones, charging you more, while at the same time blaming Democrats for having to do so.  Did your company bother telling you that you could possibly find a cheaper plan using the GetCoveredIllinois.com website or by calling 1-800-318-2596? I doubt it.

The country is doing better than it was when GW Bush left office.  If you’ve followed the news you also know -that success- is not because Republicans were doing their jobs. 

November 14, 2013

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Bad News for ObamaCare (ACA)?

I’m a bit confused.  How is having over a million folks signing up for health care, one way or another, in the first month, “bad news” as some in the media are reporting?

They start out by saying only 106,185 people had chosen a private health insurance plan and only 26,794 people did so via the troubled federally run insurance exchanges.  Further down in their story however, they point out that nearly a MILLION people have signed up to find out whether they qualify for subsidies or not, they have only to pick a plan now.

The administration has ALWAYS predicted slow enrollments, even before the troubles site started up, read this article.  They also point out that the Federal ACA signups are beating  Massachusetts’s pace when they implemented their version of ACA (which Affordable Care Act(ObamaCare) is a copy of).

It would seem that the media is working with the GOP in trying to destroy any chance of the ACA to be successful.  To work, everybody needs to have insurance.  The GOP know this.  What better way to hurt the Democrats but to let their number one achievement (Health Care for All) fail.

Even the Speaker of the House, Rep. Boehner, made plans back in July of this year to STOP ObamaCare.


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