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Enough Already, Let the Voters Decide April 28, 2016

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It’s sad that the only news you hear about this past week is that Hillary won 4 out of 5 states. If you look at the details however, she won 204 delegates and Bernie won 146, a difference of 58.

There are 1236 delegates still available, 3 months till the convention and nearly 6 months until the Nov general election. One story, one major event, one more scandal could change the whole ball game, yet the media and certain individuals are pushing for Bernie Sanders(D), Gov Kasich(R) and Sen Cruz(R) to drop out and basically ignore the millions still wanting to vote.  I say let the voters decide, not the media or establishment of each Party. (more…)

Hillary is Winning; But It Shouldn’t it be Bernie? April 26, 2016

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General Election polls still show Hillary beating Trump and Cruz but losing to Kasich. On the other hand, Bernie beats Trump and Cruz by double digits and by 4pts against Kasich.
Hillary gets real small crowds at her speeches whereas Bernie gets 19,000 plus showing up.
Last night during a townhall, Hillary interrupted Rachel Maddow for saying, “If you are the nominee…” and started demanding that it be known that ‘she’ has 2 million more votes than Bernie. ‘She’ has 200+ pledged delegates than he does, etc… She failed however to point out that she got those votes because of name recognition down south, in States that Dems rarely ever win.
Bernie on the otherhand started out his campaign being 6pts in the general election match ups, he now is beating Hillary vs anybody else on the GOP side.
Don’t get me wrong, Hillary is a very smart woman and will probably do a fine job carrying Obama’s torch and maybe adding a couple of extra goodies. But unless we win the Senate and more Representatives – she will have the same problem as Obama has against the gridlocked GOP leadership, perhaps even more since they all dislike Hillary even more than the black man in office, not only because of who she is but because she would be the first woman in the office. They cannot allow a black man or woman to have a successful presidency, that would mean more to come.
Bernie on the other hand would have millions more voters supporting him when combined with Hillary’s Dems – enough to demand CHANGE in Washington with a more progressive agenda and a vision of the future.
Makes you wonder why Hillary is winning the nomination instead of Bernie.

Republican Candidates Careless About Voters April 25, 2016

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I’ve seen Republicans over the years try and even recently take away the rights of Democrat voters but they’ve gone to a new low today.

Senator Cruz and Governor Kasich, Republicans, who are running for President have ‘decided’ to help each other by ignoring their fellow Republican’s desires within specific States. Within Indiana, New Mexico and Oregon, they’ve decided they will each give up their campaigns within those States to the other. In other words, Cruz won’t campaign within New Mexico or Oregon, giving Kasich a chance to beat Donald Trump and in exchange, Kasich won’t campaign within Indiana allowing Cruz to try and beat Trump there. Their goal is to take away delegates from Donald Trump.

They are not only completely writing off the campaign crews within those States that have probably worked all year long trying to get votes for their candidate; they are telling Republican voters in those States, “Sorry, but we care more about stopping Trump then getting your support for President.

While I think it would be entirely unfair for Mr Trump to lose the nomination just because he didn’t quite make the 1237 magic number of delegates, missing the target by perhaps as much as 75 or less, and the other two candidates not getting anywhere near that number; but Donald Trump isn’t much better.

He’s admitting now that his actions in the beginning, calling other candidates names, attacking minorities, attacking the media, etc… was all just a show to get voter’s attention and votes. Like his old television show, “The Apprentice, You’re Fired”, he was performing, it was supposedly all an ‘act’ to sell a product, namely ‘him’. He had to act that way he says, to get people excited enough to vote for him.

Now he claims he will become the ‘real’ Donald Trump, very Presidential, if he wins the nomination for president for the Republican Party. He’s been fooling millions and millions (as he calls it) of voters since day one.

I sincerely hope and pray that those Republican, Independent and some Democrat voters will remember what these Republican candidates did to them when it comes to a possible contested convention, and even more important, when the General Election rolls around to their State. They were manipulated and lied to by all three candidates showing they could care less what the voters want.

Bernie, Be the Underdog They Say You Are April 21, 2016

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For the past couple of months the media and Hillary Clinton supporters have been claiming that Senator Bernie Sanders numbers don’t add up to a win at the Democrat Convention.  After the huge win in New York, they are now claiming that Bernie could hurt Hillary by discussing ‘the issues’ and where they differ.  Don’t discuss her connections to Wall Street or large corporations they tell him.  Don’t discuss her large speaking fees she gets from those companies.  Don’t discuss her pushing for fracking, her involvement in Libya or Iraq and don’t discuss the fact that she only wanted to raise the minimum wage to $12.50 and Bernie from the beginning has pushed for $15 and hour.   Just stick to the issues, they say.  Say what?

They tell Bernie that after New York that he definitely cannot win the nomination, his numbers just cannot add up to the required amount needed.  They say she has over 2 million more votes than he does, and several hundred more Super Delegates on her side, where they’ve been since before the Primary even really began.  They say that even if he tries to contest the nomination that there is no way that those delegates will pick him.  The establishment has decided, Bernie has lost and he needs to throw in the towel and start supporting Hillary Clinton for President.

So Bernie, be the loser, or better yet, the underdog as they claim you are.  Instead of claiming you have a path to victory, tell voters that the path is being obstructed by the Democrat establishment leaders and Hillary’s campaign.

It’s time to give ‘warning’ to your supporters.  Unless voters stand up, get registered (especially if their State is a closed Primary), gather their family and friends and get out and vote, Senator Bernie Sanders will not be the Democrat Nominee for President.  This is a pure example of the need for that political ‘revolution’ Bernie’s been pushing since day one of his campaign.  The People Must Decide, not the establishment leaders. (more…)

Buck Stops Here: When Convenient to Me April 15, 2016

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Remember the famous words by former President Harry Truman, “The Buck Stops Here”?  Well we have gotten few examples recently of when that phrase might ‘not’ be acceptable for former Sec. of State, Hillary Clinton to use and when she will use it if it’s helping her display her “experience” and “judgement” as being a ‘part’ of former President Bill Clinton’s administration, as Senator of New York and as Sec. of State for President Barack Obama during her campaign.

Very little has been said by the so called debate ‘experts’ about the way Hillary basically ‘passed the buck’ or ‘blame’ for Libya and Syria’s mistakes on President Obama last night during the CNN’s Democrat Debate between Sec. Hillary and Sen. Bernie Sanders.  Eliza Collins wrote a column about it, thankfully. (more…)

Democrat Elected and Super Delegate System April 14, 2016

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I looked up Democrat super delegates today.  About 20 percent of the total delegates who will attend this summer’s convention are “unpledged” (super delegates) and free to vote for whichever candidate they want, regardless of who won in their state or district. 

From what I read, the super delegate system was developed in 1980s as a way for party leaders to provide some “guidance to voters” (in other words, ‘decide who will run’) when it came to nominating candidates who could hold their own against Republicans in the general election.  That alone is PLAIN WRONG.

The following is what I meant by them getting two votes.

Let’s say I’m a voter in Illinois.  I’m also running to be a Hillary delegate.  Come Election Day in March, I vote for Hillary and I win the delegate race.  So far I’ve had One Vote.

Come convention time I get to vote on the first ballot for Hillary in the name of Illinois.  I ‘could’ however, change my mind after seeing Bernie doing so well, change sides and vote for Bernie on the first ballot.  That would be TWO votes (this would be like every citizen changing their minds months after March primary).

If nobody wins on the first ballot, there will be another vote where every delegate (elected or not) gets to Vote AGAIN.  Let’s say that neither candidate is liked (Hillary or Bernie), so somebody nominates Joe Biden to be our nominee.  All delegates get, once again, another vote.  They get to vote for Hillary, Bernie or Joe.  I as an elected delegate continue voting for Hillary throughout the process.  However, all the Super delegates and the majority of other elected delegates decide they will override who the American’s voted for and they vote for Joe who didn’t even run for office (sort of like what could happen in the Republican Primary convention and COULD happen this year with Bernie).

 They’ve all gotten at least two or more votes throughout the primary election process whereas Joe Blow in downstate Illinois only got ONE VOTE, that day in March.

This year, Hillary has the majority of super delegates supporting her on the first ballot but neither her or Bernie reach the number required, so another vote is taken.  This time however, the super delegates and some of the elected delegates are convinced by Bernie to vote for him instead of Hillary – giving Bernie the election. 

Now, I just happen to be a fan of Bernie’s so I’d be very happy about such a case.  However, if the situation were reversed I’d be very upset that a stranger TOOK MY VOTE AWAY by ignoring it.

Basically, a handful of people have the power to elect whoever they want as our candidate.  This is plain wrong.  Even if it hasn’t happen so far, the simple fact that hundreds of super delegates “endorsing” a specific person from the day they announce they are running – can INFLUENCE other voters into believing THEIR guy/gal, hasn’t a chance of winning, so they vote for the one the super’s are supporting.  This is also wrong.

In either case, those super delegates can put either Hillary or Bernie over the number required to win on the first ballot.  Super delegates get TWO votes no matter what.  They can vote for Hillary in March but decide that Bernie is best candidate and vote for him at convention.  The rest of us can’t ‘change our minds’ later.

Why not make it simple, if you want to stick to this plan.  Supers cannot ‘endorse’ who they will vote for till the convention and elected delegates MUST stick to whomever they said they would vote for.

Make it even more simple — popular vote WINs period, both in the primaries and general elections.  There is no need for delegates except maybe one per state to represent their State at the convention.  This could even eliminate a convention all together, saving millions of dollars.  No need for Electoral College either.  Those were created because travel was hard back in the old, old days.  Travel is easy now. 

It’s no wonder people FEEL their votes don’t count, because in some cases they could be right.  Another thought for you, those super delegates (714) of the power of Illinois, Florida and California + delegates combined.  That’s just not right.

Am I wrong?

What the President Should Say to the GOP Senate Leaders March 3, 2016

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Mr President,
The next time the Republican Senators tell you that you are wasting your time nominating a new Supreme Court Justice because you are a Lame Duck President and therefore that decision should be given to whom ever voters vote for in November, tell them the following, “If that is the case Senators, than I guess I shouldn’t react or do any of my sworn duties to protect the American people from here on out.”  
According to their logic you shouldn’t do anything for the next 10 months.  So, Mr. President, if we’re attacked by Russia, North Korea (who just fired off more missiles) or Iran for example, you should sit back and just say, “Well America, I’m a lame duck, so we have to wait it January 20, 2017 and allow your next president to decide whether we react to this attack or not.”
I guess it also means you shouldn’t be the military’s Commander-n-Chief either, which means you should stop all military actions you’ve ordered regarding ISIS and Al Qaeda this year.
Oh, and by the way sir, being a lame duck also means you shouldn’t be signing any bills from here on out.
If the Republican Senators feel the nomination of a supreme court justice is too important that only a President that is still within his/her first 3 years in office, or their 4th thru 6th, should obey their pledge to, “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the U.S.”, they apparently also feel that all other duties of the Office of the Presidency should be suspended and  held over until January 20, 2017.  
Perhaps the job of a Lame Duck president is just to sit behind their desk signing blank sheets of paper and/or smiling at television cameras?
I wonder how the American people would feel about that?

Bernie Beats GOP Candidates In General, Hillary Not So Well February 29, 2016

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Animated Video of Future President Trump February 25, 2016

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I’ve come up with an idea of a video to show what America would look like with a President Trump. The video would be animated but in adult version. There would be several very short clips of a President Trump doing/saying the following:

Pres Trump with police officers knocking on doors of illegal immigrants and Muslims, dragging them out of bed into a truck that says Deportation.

Pres Trump at the border arresting Latinos as they arrive in U.S. – saying you are under arrest for rape and drugs.

Pres Trump trying to get pass UK border with the Parliament’s hands up saying, STOP, YOU ARE BANNED FROM HERE!

Pres Trump standing behind white men beating up Latino and Black guys – with Trump saying my supporters are “passionate”.

A future dated news paper saying ISIS recruitment more than triples because of Pres Trump’s kicking Muslims out of U.S..

Pres. Trump informing worker he/she no longer gets minimum wage and unless dying on street they get no health care.

Pres Trump saying sorry to seniors and disabled while they watch their privatized soc sec checks disappear during Wall Street Crash.

Pres Trump trying to get pass UK border with the Parliament’s hands up saying, STOP, YOU ARE BANNED FROM HERE!

Pres. Trump’s son holding up another elephant’s tail that he killed.

Pres. Trump refusing tax money from Corporations and Wall Street – saying, “You don’t owe us anything job creators”.

Pres. Trump cheering innocent gun holders while they are mistakenly shot by police during a terrorist attack.

Would seeing that video make you want to vote for Trump or not?

January 5, 2011

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Donna Brazile and President Obama

I received this photo from Donna during the Christmas holidays 2010.  It’s a really great photo don’t you think?  She is my occasional email buddy and I pray that someday she and I will actually meet.


She also sent some family members of mine, a 17 year old and her twin 6 year old brother and sister, special little gifts for Christmas in honor of their father’s death that year.

Donna is one special woman and I am proud to have her as a friend.

Be sure to go visit her business website.  Here is a link to the ABOUT page.


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