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Are Women Going Overboard, Aren’t We Partially to Blame? November 18, 2017

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Sitting back and watching all the latest news about men in Hollywood and government sexually assaulting women at some point in their lives. I doubt there are many women that have never been treated in such a way that they felt disgusted or angry about it later by their boss, co-worker, boyfriends or even some stranger on the street. I’m wondering if we women are partially to blame for those actions?
Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean that it’s ok for a man to abuse us if we dress improperly or even act a little too sexy on a date or whatever. I mean, men for generations have been allowed to treat a woman as their property, their toy thing, as somebody that doesn’t deserve to be respected. They’ve watched their dads and buddies treat women in terrible ways and women just giggled or tried to act like it didn’t bother them. To this day women will flirt with their boss hoping to get a raise or better job. Some are willing to be treated as sex slaves.
There are still wives that are willing to let their husbands rule them, boss them around and even rape them thinking that’s what God expects of a woman. She is there to serve man.



Democrat Wins Not Just About Trump November 9, 2017

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I sincerely hope Democrats realize their wins in Virginia, New Jersey and New York yesterday is not just about voter’s disgust with President Trump. Keep in mind that Trump wouldn’t be where he’s at if not for the Republican Party’s support during the campaign and that same support he continues to receive on a daily basis from them now.
It’s been the Republican Party that’s pushed to take away health care from millions of people refusing to even sit down with Democrats to try and fix the ACA problems. To this day they hope to include a repeal into the tax reform bill.
It’s been the Republican Party that’s pushed to build a wall and separate us from the world. It’s been the Republicans that have allowed the President to commit unethical acts since taking office. It’s been the Republican Party that’s refused to really dig into how Russia invaded our Democracy and if anybody in the Trump campaign helped. We’ve seen 3 indictments so far yet they continue to call this “fake news”.
It’s the Republican Party that’s refused to stop the President from firing the FBI director and interfering with the justice department, clearly trying to obstruct justice even now.
It’s been the Republican Party that’s not bothered, except for 2 or 3, to stop the President from attacking our CIA, FBI and justice departments, members of their own Party, gold star families, military families, our allies, etc… They’ve actually supported in many ways the President’s actions.
It’s been the Republican Party that’s stood back and allowed the mentally ill to buy assault rifles that are being used to kill babies.
To this day Republicans sit back and watched the President try and profit from his golf center during a speech to the South Koreans –that’s against the Emoluments law. The Founders’ idea here to prevent foreign powers using gifts or money to corrupt the President’s loyalty to the U.S. That wasn’t the only time he’s done this.
So Democrats, don’t think this is all just about President Trump because it’s not. Don’t think it’s about their support for Democratic Party platform either. Voters are fed up with the President’s actions but they are angry at the Republican Party even more because of the way they’ve been refusing to listen to their employer, the American people and instead have been hurting them with their policies and support for this President – plain and simple.

Democrat’s Message: Rebuild America’s Infrastructure for Future Generations November 3, 2017

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People are asking the Democratic Party what their moto should be for the 2018 and 2020 upcoming election.  I think what their plan should be is the idea of ‘Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure’ for Future Generations.

My definition for rebuilding our infrastructure includes everything this nation needs to drive our economy.  It would bring back companies that want to be a part of the new generation; it would create thousands of jobs, raise wages, secure our borders and secure our Democracy.

We usually hear politicians say we need to rebuild our roads and bridges.  That’s not however enough.  We need a complete overhaul of all our transportation systems; that include roads, bridges, trains, buses, airplanes and even our trucking systems.

We need to have a state of the art communication system.  There is no secure way to communicate these days, what can be done about that?  Our computers, laptops, telephone, cell phones and any device using microchips and/or the Internet need to be upgraded for security purposes.

One major hit to our electric grid could destroy us because we’d have no lights, no heat, no air condition, no freezers, no refrigerators, no cell phones and even worse, no Internet.  Imagine being Puerto Rico right now.  Nothing could get accomplished financially because we are so driven by our electric needs, even our cash registers use electricity.

Our food and water systems are so messed up it’s hard to tell what is safe and what is not anymore.  Just imagine some terrorist poisoning our water or our food or medicines, remember the Tylenol incident years ago?

Our security/communication systems are so outdated that we hear of a breach in some company almost monthly.

Imagine if we were to invest in those ‘Rebuild America’s Infrastructure’ projects, such as Roosevelt’s New Deal during WWII.  Every one of these new projects would require hiring more employees and buying new equipment to do those jobs.   What happens when those new employees are paid?  They spend their pay checks in stores, restaurants, etc….  Those places will in turn hire new people.  Everybody wins with these projects.

Yes it will increase the deficit, but research proves that investing in the short run always improves the value of something.  Future generations will receive the greatest benefits, we gain too however.  We’d have a booming economy, and with our new state of the art infrastructure we’d have a more secure nation.


Say NO to Republican’s Tax Cuts for the Wealthy November 3, 2017

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Smiling, laughing, shaking hands, hugging and bragging about giving away $1200 in tax breaks to “middle class families” is Trump’s normal public relations act, he also used it during his, “You’re Fired” tv show. Say it LOUDLY, say it PROUDLY, say it with PRIDE, say it with EXCITEMENT in your voice, say it as though it were a THOUSANDS of dollars give away. Make it sound like everybody’s getting a HUGE tax cut.

Walk into a crowd of people laughing, hugging, giggling and having fun and you will suddenly feel like joining them. Walk into a crowd that is having a boring conversation and you will become depressed. It’s a PR stunt folks, don’t swallow it.
I’m sure there are millions of poor or those on the bottom edge of the middle class that when they hear this think THEY will get that pay check in the mail. Don’t be fooled folks. That’s for a family of 4 and breaks down to about $100 a month or a little over $3 a day. Depending on where you live that’s the cost of a loaf of bread.


Democrats Should Go Bigger, Demand More August 6, 2017

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President Trump and the Republican Party still have yet to pass any major legislation.  They have to pass health care repeal and replace, tax reform, tax cuts, build the wall or get an infrastructure bill passed.

The media is pressing the Democrats to come up with a slogan and/or strategy to take on the Republicans in 2018 election cycle.  I happen to believe the best strategy is to “Go Bigger, Demand More”.

What is it that irritates President Trump more than the Russian scandal?  He hates being out done, out smarted or out bid.

Imagine what he will do when ever he and his Party put together a bill that request a certain amount of tax reform and/or tax cuts and the Democrats immediate announce they want even more reform and more tax cuts but not for the top 2% of earners but for the middle class and businesses?

Imagine how the President would react if he and his Party ask for a specific dollar amount for infrastructure funding and the Democrats immediately announce they want even more money to be rebuild all our infrastructure systems including energy, transportation, communications, food and water and education systems costing millions more but creating thousands more jobs and a more secure nation?

Imagine how he would react if his Party once again announced another likely failed repeal and replace health care bill and the Democrats along with a select amount of Republicans announce an even better bipartisan bill?

President Donald J. Trump would go ballistic!  I’m betting he would counter offer on all those items!

And when the President produced his counter offers the Democrats would up the anti and increase their demands.

I’m guessing that the President would keep punching the Democrats because he’d want to claim that ‘he’ did more for the people then Democrats did.  He hates being outbid!  And because of his refusal to compromise he’d blow the whole deal, either nothing would get passed or Democrats would win because they’d be on record as having tried their best to get more middle class and business tax cuts, more training and more jobs all the while rebuilding ALL of our infrastructure systems for future generations and securing our nation as a whole.

Democrats slogan:

Rebuild America’s Infrastructure for Future Generations

‘Rebuild America’ for Future Generations! July 1, 2017

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The media are asking Democrats what their message is to voters — here is my answer, it’s the same answer I’ve been pushing for years now.  I can only pray that somebody will finally take my suggestion and run with it:

‘Rebuild America’ for Future Generations!

Democrats need to concentrate on a plan that completely rebuilds America’s infrastructure.  Our message should be —-Rebuild our water, communication, health, transportation and electric grid systems.  Rebuild everything that will put our nation back to where we were decades ago.  Make the plan something similar to the WPA and the New Deal by FDR.

Rebuilding our infrastructure will not only create thousands of jobs, lower the unemployment it will require teaching our younger generation the skills they will need to build and maintain those new systems.  This plan will give our economy and our people the boost of confidence we’ve needed for a long time to lead the world once again.

President Trump implied that he would do something like this but it appears that his plan will only help the big companies make more money.  We need jobs for our local construction companies, etc…  Every State, district and county needs to visualize that dream.

Rebuilding our infrastructure, completely, will upgrade our security systems to where they need to be immediately.

Don’t Repeal — Finish What ACA Started July 1, 2017

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The reason ACA (Obamacare) isn’t working as well as it could have been is because President Obama delayed higher penalties by 4 years.  The penalty for 2015 was even low enough to pay rather than fork out more for actual insurance coverage.  It wasn’t 2016 that the penalty was so high that a person might decide to purchase insurance rather than pay such a high penalty for not having any.

For the 2010-2014 calendar years, the tax penalty was the greater of 1 percent of your household income above $10,000 or $95 per adult and $47.50 per child.

Which would you rather have paid $95 or $2100-6025 for health ins coverage yr?

For the 2015 calendar year, the tax penalty is $325.00 per uninsured adult and $162.50 for a noncompliant child.

Which would you rather have paid, $325 or $6228 for health ins coverage yr?

For the 2016 calendar year, these costs will increase to $695 per uninsured adult and $347.50 for a noncompliant child.

Which would you rather pay, $695 for NOTHING or $6433 for full coverage ins? (more…)

Democrat Party’s Message June 26, 2017

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We stand for respecting fellow human beings. We stand for taking care of fellow Americans just as we would our own families. We stand for treating each human being with no preference just as we would our own children. No child is better than the other in our family. We demand that we all share what life provides us just as we demand our kids to share their toys.

Every human being deserves to be given the health care, the education, the safety and the right to pursuit happiness that is available in this world.


Do unto others as you would have them do onto you.

Trump’s Threat About Using Tapes = Obstruction of Justice June 9, 2017

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Threatening to release “tapes” of conversations between Trump and Comey (the former Dir of FBI) if Comey dares to talk to the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee or the media —via an OFFICIAL WHITE HOUSE TWEET about those conversations, is in itself OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE.

We don’t even have to include Russia or why Trump fired Comey (because of the way he wasn’t abiding by Trump’s requests “HOPE” to drop the case against General Flynn, (Trump’s former NSA, who he himself fired for lying to VP Pence).

The special prosecutor could ignore what Dir Comey took as a “directive” from the President of U.S. to obstruct justice by stopping the investigation into Flynn and his involvement with Russia and Turkey – after, mind you, asking his own AG, VP and his own adviser and son-n-law to leave the room.


What TrumpCare Will Really Do for Americans May 6, 2017

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Well, the Republicans in the House of Representatives passed their repeal and replace TrumpCare plan.  Now the Senate can either accept that bill as the House wrote it or make a complete new one or they could simply fix the ACA (ObamaCare) which in my view is the simple way of solving the problems.

The TrumpCare plan will make millions lose their health insurance because they cannot afford the new premiums.  The Republicans decided to switch the cost of premiums from equal share between all citizens (healthy and sick) to the sick and poor only.  Anybody with a pre-existing health condition could end up paying nearly $25,700 per year more than they do now.  That’s just an estimate; the Congressional Budget Office hasn’t yet scored the House bill.  There will be millions of dollars in cuts to Medicaid and Medicare patients.

Would you like to know what is considered a pre-existing condition?  Here are just a few conditions, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, lung disease, anxiety, depression, Alzheimer’s, cerebral palsy, CHF, heart disease, crohns, kidney disease, hepatitis, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, stroke and even pregnancy even expectant parent(men).  A few others that insurance companies may add to the list are, acne, heart burn, hysterectomy, asthma, kidney stones, high cholesterol, knee surgery, lyme disease, ulcers, pacemakers, migraines, acid reflux, etc… 

Don’t take my word for it, ask AARP, Kaiser Family Foundation, Avalere Research, America’s Essential Hospitals, National Physicians Alliance, American Medical Assoc., etc., they are all against this bill.

The Center for American Progress says they could charge those with metastatic cancer as much as $142,650 more, a 3,500% increase.

Republicans will have you believe that they provide “access” to health insurance and that there are tax credits for those that need help.  That’s true but what they offer will not even begin to help.

The very wealthy, insurance companies, medical device companies and the young and/or healthy Americans are only ones to benefit.  The wealthy will get millions in tax cuts and those that don’t approve of being mandated to buy insurance.

For more details of the Republican’s TrumpCare plan please go online and read all about it.  Get your facts from the organizations I mentioned and not from “Republican fake news commercials”.  Call your Senator and demand they stop this bill and fix ACA instead.  Nearly 70% of Americans approve of ACA, fix it, don’t break it.




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